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336 Small Zhuge Fucai 3D Forecast Number: Six 6 yards and one bet

Review last issue: Welfare Lottery 3D 2022335 Lottery results 259.Award number: Ouchiqi, small large, value 16, span 7.

Hundreds: The previous prize number was: 2, the trend of this size has tended to balance, and the recent decline has been reduced. In this period, the digit is prevented from falling. Reference number 1.

Ten digits: Last issue: 5, this bits have been hot recently, and the odd numbers have appeared for 1 period in a row. In this issue, it is expected that the bioma number has appeared, and the reference number 5 is expected.

Point: Last issue: 9, the number 0 and 1 number of the number of roads has recently performed active. The number 0 and 1 number of roads has recently performed active. In this issue, it continues to pay attention to the opening of 0 or 1 number 1, and the number 7.

Reference for direct selection in this issue: Hundred (01245) ten digits (15789) individual (03679) (03679)

Group 6 6 yards reference: 012457

Single Number Reference: 035 037 059 123 128 134 145 146 156 157 169 245 358 789

Selected one bet number: 157

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