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336 Issue 336 Longjiu Arrangement Three Predictive Awards: Hundred Points and Ten Persons Analysis

Review of the last issue: Arrangement of the 2022335th prize number: 014.The prize number group six, the size ratio is 0: 3, the strange even 1: 2, 012 road 1: 2: 0.

Hundreds of analysis: The last prize number was 0, 0, even, and trumpet appeared. In the first 11th prize number, the 012 road ratio was 3: 3: 5, the number of 012 was the same.The number of missed numbers is 0, 3, and 2, respectively. Recently, a hundred positions have paid attention to the 2 -way number.

In the first 11th prize number, a hundred strange puppets were 3: 8 than to open, and the even number was hot.

In the first 11th prize number, the hundred size is 4: 7 than the size, and the large number is cold. In this issue

This issue is expected to be in: 04678, and the gallbladder is optimistic about 8.

Ten -digit analysis: The last prize number was 1, the small, odd number, and 1 number of the number appeared. In the 11 consecutive period, the size ratio was 6: 5, and the large trend was more active.out;

In the 11th consecutive period, the puppet ratio is 2: 9, and the even number is obviously active. In this issue, the incident is issued again;

In the 11th consecutive period, the 012 route ratio is 3: 1: 7, and the number of routes 2 is relatively hot. The current number of missing periods 012 is: 4, 0, and phase 1.0 Road Awards.

Ten points in this issue are 13678, focusing on reference numbers 6.

Analysis of individual digits: The number 4 of the previous issue was 4: 5 in the 11 consecutive prizes, which were even more than 6: 5 in the number of even prizes.

The size of the 11th consecutiveth is 4: 7, the trumpet is hot, and the small number continues to appear in this issue;

Among the 11 consecutive periods, the number 012 road ratio is 5: 4: 2, and the number of routes is the coldest. In this issue, the 012 route number is round: Phase 1, 0, and 3. Pay attention to the number 0 number in the near future.

This issue is optimistic about: 03469, and the bile code reference 3.

Longjiu Arrangement 322336 Prize number Recommended:

Two gallbladder: 3, 6

Positioning Number: 19-02-28

One yard of lore: 2

Direct selection 5*5*5 Recommendation: 04678-13678-03469

Group 6 6 yards recommendation: 035678

Single note recommendation: 006 013 033 034 156 334 338 348 368 399 468 469 556 569

Direct selection single -out: 863

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