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336 Issue 336 Liu Yidao Arranged Three Prediction Awards: Positioning Kill Number Analysis

Arrangement of No. 2022333-Phase 2022335 Award number: 851, 383, 014.

Definition: Hot code: omit 0-4 periods; warm code: omissions 5-12 periods; cold code omissions 12 or more.

Recently, a hundred people are mainly trumpets, and currently have two consecutive periods. This issue will not turn cold. It is expected to be re -issued again.EssenceHundreds of this period of killing number: 0159, gallbladder attention: 347.

Recently, there are fewer strange numbers. After the last issue, the odd number is expected to be released in this issue; the warm -cold number has recently appeared less. In the recent three phases, the warm -cold number continuously issued, and the temperature -proof cold number in this period continued to replenish.Ten kill number: 0357, gallbladder attention: 189.

Recently, the frequency of single -digit number numbers has low frequency. After the last issue, the expected number of the number of traditions has been replenished continuously. The recent small number is obviously active, and there are currently 4 periods. This issue continues to pay attention to the trumpet.Special kill number: 3567, gallbladder attention: 249.

Arrange 3 2022336 Liu Yidao Positioning Number:

Arrange 300 points No. 2022336 Killing Number: 0, 1, 5, 9

Arrange thirty positions 2022336 Kill number: 0, 3, 5, 7

Arrange three bits 2022336 Kill number: 3, 5, 6, 7

Arrange 3rd 2022336 Raiders: 5

Arrange the 2022336 period of golden gall: 3

Six -yard group six reference: 134689

Arrange 3rd 2022336 Single -up direct selection number: 394

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