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330 Xiao Zhuge Fucai 3D Forecast Award: Single Inject Number Reference

Review last issue: Welfare Lottery 3D 2022329 Lottery results 477.Award number: Ouchi Qi, small large, harmonious value 18, span 3.

Hundreds: The previous prize number was: 4, the trend of this size became balanced, and the previous period decreased by 5 points. This period is expected to rise, reference number 6.

Ten digits: Last issue: 7, this strange puppet is basically the same as it is recently, and the odd numbers have appeared for 3 consecutive periods. In this issue, it is expected that this bit is an odd number, reference number 5.

Point: Last issue: 7, the number 0 and 1 number of the number of roads has recently performed active. The number 0 and 1 numbers has recently performed active. In this issue, it continues to pay attention to the opening of 0 or 1 number 1, and the number 3.

Reference for direct selection in this issue: Hundreds of (16789) ten digits (13578) single digit (01369)

Group 6 6 yards reference: 035678

Single note number refer to: 013 016 037 045 046 138 349 369 378 467 567 679

Selected one bet number: 653

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