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330 issue of Zhuang Defu Lottery 3D Forecast Number: Positioning Direct Selection Reference

Lottery retrospective: Fucai 3D No. 2022329 Phase: 477.

Type judgment: The previous prize number was 477.The number 4 times in the last 10 periods, the heat is hot, the number appears frequently, the number of you in the previous period is relatively warm.

In addition, the group six appeared 7 times, and the group six performed strongly.

Analysis of size: 2 large numbers were opened in the previous period, and large areas are active. Nine large numbers appear in the last 5 periods. The trumpet is hot in this issue. Focus on the size of the size: small size.

Opinion analysis: There were 2 strange numbers in the previous period, and the odd numbers were heated. In the last 5 periods, 10 strange numbers were issued.

Harmony analysis: The harmony value has been widely distributed in the near future, and the previous period is 18. The estimated and value decrease in the current period, the attention and value 11.

Spoof analysis: The span is recently distributed in sections 2-9, which is widely distributed. Pay attention to repeated spans in this period. It is optimistic about span 3.

Zhuangde No. 2022330, Fucai 3D recommendation:

Double bold reference: 25

Group 6 6 yards Reference: 245679

Direct selection and duplex reference: 13467-12356-24579

15 bet group reference: 045 124 134 146 235 245 267 279 289 347 467 468 489

Single note reference: 452

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