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330 Issue Gutsfu Lottery 3D Forecast Number: Select 15 Note Single Note

Lottery review: Fucai 3D 2022329 prize number is 477, and the award number is: group three, small and large, 0: 3: 0, even strange.

Analysis of size: The size of the last prize number is 2: 1, which is a small large form. The large size is small and hot. Pay attention to the cold in this issue, and pay attention to 1: 2. The size type refers to the small size.

Analysis of Road 012: The last prize number 012 opened 0: 3: 0, and the total 1 prize number was issued in the previous period. The entire road award number was excluded in this period.

Analysis of Qi Bian: The previous prize number was 2: 1. The type is even strange.

The first place was 4 in the previous issue, and 5 points were taken. This issue is optimistic about this bit to go again and pay attention to the number 0.

The second place opened the prize number 7 in the previous period, and 4 points were going. This issue is expected to go big again, with reference number 8.

The third place opened the prize number 7 in the previous issue, 7 points to the larger, this issue is optimistic about this position, reference number 1.

Sweet Gua Fucai 3D No. 2022330 Prize number Recommended:

Driven 8, double bile reference 08, three gall reference 018

Kill number: 4

5*5*5 direct selection: 01359/36789/01239

Selected 15 bet single notes: 018 038 089 178 189 228 238 368 389 678 788 789 899

Six -yard group Six -duplex: 012678

Single note reference: 081

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