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329 Awang Arrangement Three Prediction Awards: History Analysis of the same period

Arranged 3rd 2022328 Phase Number: 620, value 8, span 6, size ratio 1: 2, strange coupling ratio 0: 3.

Three prizes in the 329th issue of the year: 117-896-273-422-524-366-648-611-358-359-675-951-535-601-412-131.

In the 329th prize number of over the years: the group is 6 times, and the group six will be 10 times.Group three and group six are basically the same.

The 329th prize number of the year: The size ratio is 23:25, the size is flat, and the large size is the same as the large size. The size is 2: 1.

The odd ratio is 28:20, and the odd number is hot. The odd number continues to heat up in this issue.

Among the 329 issues of the 329th issue over the years, the maximum number of times is: 1, 5, 6, and pay attention to the number of this issue: 5.

The minimum number of times is: 0, 7, 8, and one yard in this issue: 8.

Awang Arrangement 329 Reference:

One code for killing: 8

Bald code reference: 5

Direct reference: 12567*12357*01256

Group six duplex: 124567, four -code duplex: 2567

Single -selected 15 bet number reference: 015 045 056 057 135 157 235 245 259 456 457 567 569

Single number number: 275

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