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315 Fortune Faculty 3D Forecast Award: Single Inject Group Selection positioning direct selection

Review of the previous period: The last prize number was 714, type: group 6, Qiqi, size, 0: 3: 0, and value 12, span 6.

Qi Dian ratio: The previous issue of the strange ratio is 2: 1, the form is strange, and the number of countless numbers is heated. The expected number of the odd numbers in this issue will continue to be hot.

Size ratio: The previous period is 1: 2, which is a small and small form, and the trumpet is very active. In this issue, the trumpet is optimistic about continuing to heat up. The reference size ratio is 1: 2.

Except for the number of 3 remaining: the except 3 remaining number ratio was 0: 3: 0, and the remaining 2 prizes were not opened in the previous period. In this period, the remaining 2 number was prevented from rotating again, and the remaining number ratio was 1: 2: 0.

Hundreds of numbers were issued in the previous issue, a reduction of 2 points. This issue focuses on the weight number.

Ten digits were released in the previous period, a decrease of 3 points. In this issue, this bit is reversed, and the attention number 3.

The last prize number was 4, an increase of 2 points, and the current period is expected to decline, refer to 1.

Fortune Curse 3D No. 2022315 Comprehensive Recommendation:

Driven: 1, double gallbladder: 13, three gallbladder: 137

One code for killing: 0

Positioning direct selection: 24679/34679/13468

Six duplex: 123479

Single betting group: 124 127 129 134 136 137 138 139 156 157 167 168 178

Direct selection single reference: 731

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