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312 Phase three predictions: harmony for reference

Arrangement 322311 Review: Award number 682, 0: 3, size ratio 2: 1, and value 16, type: group six.

【百位】:上期出现:大号、偶数:6,在连续7期开奖中,百位号码分别为:小号、偶数:0;大号、奇数:5;小号、奇数:3;小Number, even number: 2; trumpet, even: 0; trumpet, even number: 2; large, even number: 6, which are frequent in the small number, the odds are hot, and the hundreds are expected to open the trumpet and odd number in this issue. Essence

【十位】:上期出现奖号:大号、偶数:8,分析前7期该位奖号发现,十位分别开出:小号、偶数:4;大号、奇数:5;大号、 Wonderful number: 7; trumpet, odd number: 1; trumpet, even number: 4; large, odd number: 5; large, even number: 8, of which large number is frequent, the odd number appears frequently, ten points in this period refer to the big reference big big reference large in this period Number, odd number.

[Person]: The number 2 appeared in the previous issue: even numbers, trumpets, statistics found in the last 7 issues, and the ten digits appeared: 8: even, large number; 9: odd number, large number; 2: even, trumpet; 6: Time, large numbers; 1: odd number, trumpet; 7: odd number, large number; 2: even number, trumpet, among which the strange number trend is obviously weak, the trumpet is in a weak position. out.

References of direct selection in this issue: Qiqiqi, small size.

[Harmony]: The previous period and the value were 16, 2 points higher, the attention and value of the current period, the defense and value 9 appeared.

Follow -up arrangement III Issue 2022312 Recommendation:

Double bold reference: 3, 5, unique reference: 3

Reference on duty: 9

Direct selection 5 yards duplex reference: 01259-24579-12348

Group 66 yards reciprocating reference: 013579

Group selection single reference: 013 035 113 135 136 236 344 349 358 359 378 379

Single Number Reference: 153

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