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312 Phase 312 Kanyuan Fucai 3D Forecast Number: 012 Road Analysis

Lottery retrospective: The 2022311 Blessing Lottery 3D prize number is 923.

Hundreds of analysis: 9 weights were issued in the previous period. This place declined, reference number 4.

Ten -digit analysis: The last prize number was 2, rising 1 point, and the number of attention in this issue 0.

Analysis of individual digits: The last prize number was 3, rising by 2 points, and this period of prevention.

Analysis of Road 012: In the previous period 012, 2: 0: 1, the number of routes in the previous period, this issue is heavy and replenished. It is optimistic about the 2: 012 than reference 2: 1: 0.

Analysis of size: The ratio of the previous period is 1: 2, the size of the size is small and small, and the trumpet is relatively hot. The small number is expected to continue to be active in this issue.

Analysis of the strange puppet: In the previous issue, the strange ratio was 2: 1, and the strange form was strange, and even the number was cold. Pay attention to the even number of rebounds in this issue.

Kanyuan No. 2022312 Fucai 3D Recommendation:

Driven: 0

Kill number: 6

Positioning direct reference: 01248/03578/13458

Six -yard group Six reference: 034578

Group selection single reference: 001 005 009 009 014 017 028 034 039 044 059 059 099 099

Single note direct reference: 403

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