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312 period Jianghua arrangement three forecasts: size judgment

Review of the previous issue: The number of 2022311 is: 682. Type: group six, strange couple: Puppet, size: size.

Determination of the prize number type: After the last 7 times and the large and small are opened, the next group appeared 4 times in the next group, and the group six appeared 10 times. Among them, the group three were relatively small. Pay attention to the group three rebounds in this period. In addition, there are fewer weights, and the heavy number can be excluded in this period.

The unprecedented judgment: The three prizes in the previous period were 682, and the strange occurrence was: occasionally, and the strange couple appeared in the past 7 times: the even prize number was: 026-464-246-820-666-608-048.

The prize number of the next period: 329-210-492-752-608-009-559.

Among them, the award number is 10:11, and the puppet number is equivalent. This issue is expected to be hot and prevents all.

Judgment of size: The three prizes in the previous period were 682, the size is: large size, and the award number of the size of the nearly 7 times is: 792-761-974-752-980-561-872.

The next issue of the number: 196-246-133-436-746-769-299.

Among them, the size ratio ratio of the award number is 11:10, and the size of the size is the same. In this issue, the size ratio is 1: 2.

Jianghua Arrangement 322312 Predictive Forecast:

Bald code reference: 3 9

One code for killing: 1

5*5*5 direct selection: 34679/23479/05689

Six duplex: 023689

Single selection number: 034 036 037 234 236 289 346 349 357 358 368 569

Single Number: 339

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