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312 period He Shang arrangement three forecasts: size morphology analysis

Review of the previous period: The prize number of the 2022311 period of 3rd is 682, the award number 012 is 1: 0: 2, the strange puppet ratio is 0: 3, the size ratio is 2: 1, the value is 16, and the span is 6.

1. Head value and span recommendation:

Harmony recommendation: The previous period and the value increased by 2 points, 16 points, the expected and value of the current period continued to go, and the attention and value 18 opened.

Spoof recommendation: The span is 6 in the previous period, and the amplitude fluctuates 1 point. Pay attention to the span amplitude to small in this period to prevent repeated spans from opening.

Second, morphological reference:

012 Road type analysis: The previous prize number was one 0 route number+two 2 -way numbers, 0 road number disconnection, 2 road number disconnection, in the 100 consecutive period of 100 consecutive periods, one 0 number+two 2 -way number opened 10 10 In the period, the full 0 award number appears in this period.

Analysis of Qi Puppet form: The previous prize number was issued in a full -puppet combination. In the first 100 -phase prize number, the all -the -time combination included 20 times. The whole couple contains 3 times, and the two puppets include 11 times. In this issue, the prize number is optimistic about the two strange and one puppet combination.

Analysis of size form: The previous prize number was two large and one small combination. In the 100 consecutive periods, the two major groups were combined in 32 issues. In the first phase, the two small and one big opened 16 issues, and the two big and one small opened for 11 issues. The focus of this issue is optimistic about the combination of the two major and one ball.

Third, He Shang ranked 3rd No. 2022312 prize number recommendation:

Driven: 6

Kill number: 1

Direct selection 5*5*5 Reference: 23478*02389*02567

Direct selection 4*4*4 Reference: 2378*0289*2567

Group 6 6 yards: 035679

Single note reference: 026 046 0567 236 268 366 369 566 568 678 688

Selected one bet direct: 396

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