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312 period Chen Liangfu 3D 3D prediction number: span trend analysis

1. Review of the previous period: Fucai 3D No. 2022311 issued a prize number 923.

Fucai 3D 2022311 Award number 923, heavy number number. In the last 100 periods (the 2022212 -2022311 period), the number of heavy numbers was 52; the probability of the last 20 number of heavy numbers was 50%; In this issue, the medium number of the weight number is short.

Second, bile code analysis:

In the last 100 period of Fucai 3D (Issue 2022212 -2022311), the group three (including leopard) numbers opened 37 times, and the half-Shun (including Shunzi) combined 31 times, and 32 mixed six combinations appeared.

In the last 50 periods (Issue 202212-20122311), the probability of opening the number of group three (including leopard) is 34%, the probability of the combination of semi-Shun (including Shunzi) is 36%, and the probability of the mixed six combination is 30%. Essence

In combination with other parameters, Fucai 3D 2022312 Two -yard Follow 24 and 47 focus on 47, which is optimistic about 4.

Third, span trend: (Fucai 3D No. 202292-20122311 period span trend chart)

The maximum span of the 2022311 phase of Fucai 3D opened 7. The maximum span fluctuations in the near future are large. The maximum span is expected to appear in the 3-7 section in this period.

Fucai 3D 2022312 Recommendation

5*5*5 Direct Selection Reference: 23467*25689*13478

Reference number of 15 bet group: 047, 124, 147, 224, 234, 244, 247, 247, 449, 457, 467, 478, 479, 479

Selected one bet number: 427

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