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312 Issue Nine Brother Fucai 3D Forecast Number: Second -bit cold code judgment

Lottery retrospective: The 2022311 Blessing Lottery 3D prize number is 923, the value of the value 14, the span 7, the form: the strangeness, the size of the size.

Cold state judgment: The size of the previous prize number is size and size. After the omissions of 0, the most cold combination of the size type is the size of the size, and the omissions are 17 periods.

Supreme Cold State Judgment: The previous prize number is the strange type of the puppet, which is issued after the 6th phase. At present, the coldest combination of the strange puppet type is the even strange combination, and the missing value is 12 periods.

The first cold code judgment: The previous prize number was 9, the omissions were 0, and the coldest number was 5, and the omissions were 24 periods.

The second bit of cold code judgment: The previous prize number was 2, the omissions were 1 stage. At present, the coldest number is 4 and the omissions are 42. In this issue, the cold code 4 appears.

The third bit of cold code judgment: The prize number 3 was issued in the previous period, and the omissions were 41. At present, the coldest number is 6 and the omissions are 52. The current period is expected to thaw.

Nine Brother Fucai 3D No. 2022312 Prize number recommendation

Kill number: 7, 8

Six duplex: 012346

Positioning duplex: 01234*12459*14569

15 Note Single Note: 024 026 066 126 146 225 246 266 344 346 445 456 669

Single -up one bet number: 246

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