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312 Issue Follower Four 3D Forecast Awards: One code and value reference

Fucai 3D 2022311 Review: The award number is 923, the award number is 2: 1, the size ratio is 1: 2, and the value is 14, and the type is group six.

Hundred positions: The last issue of the prize number was large. The number of odds: 9, analyzed the recent 7th issue, the bit was opened: trumpet odd numbers: 3, trumpet odd number: 1. large number of odds: 7, trumpet even number: 0 Small number: 2. Large odds: 9. Large odd numbers: 9, of which the large trend is relatively cold, the strange number trend is hot, and the hundreds of bits are optimistic about the large number of strange numbers in this issue.

Ten digits: In the previous issue, the trumpet number was issued: 2, statistics 7 consecutive periods of consecutive periods. Tips: 2. Tips: 1. Small numbers: 2, of which the large size is relatively cold, the odd number is relatively cold, and the ten bits are optimistic about opening a large number of strange numbers in this issue.

个位:上期奖号3为:奇数小号,在连续7期开奖中,该位分别开出:5:奇数大号、8:偶数大号、2:偶数小号、7:奇数大号、 0: Trumpet trumpet, 1: Wonderful number, 3: odd number trumpet, of which the odd numbers are obviously heated, and the trumpet is more open. In this issue, the odd number is expected to appear.

Pay attention to Qicqi and large and small in this issue.

Harmony: The previous period and the value opened 14, showing an upward trend. The expected and values ​​of this period continued to rise, focusing on the value and value of 17.

Follower Banfu Lottery 3D No. 2022312 Recommendation:

Double gall: 3, 5, unique: 3

One code and value: 17

Positioning direct selection: 02569-34589-23457

6 code group 6: 013569

Single selection number: 023 033 113 123 136 236 238 239 344 357 378 399

Selected note: 953

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