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“31 selection 7” in women’s 4 yuan is used for home loans

On October 31st, the 22290th issue of the 31st selection of Fujian was drawn. The first prize was released from the 15631 physical store of No. 12, No. 12, Gonghui District, Luoyang Town, Huian County, Quanzhou City, with a bonus of more than 1.41 million yuan.

This lottery is a single ticket that invested only 4 yuan. According to Mr. Liu, the winner, he has been in the lottery for many years, and is used to speaking small bets. He loves to choose 7 or 36 local games.Mr. Liu admits that the original intention of buying lottery tickets was to win the prize, but in many years of lottery, he gradually learned the public welfare attributes of sports lottery.Looking back at the scene of the lottery, he wrote his favorite figure on the note. It was just 31st that day, and he wrote 31 on the paper.On the night of the lottery, Mr. Liu checked the number on time. In addition to the surprise, he shared the good news with his family. On the day of the prize, Mr. Liu’s family deliberately accompanied him to the Fujian Sports Lottery Center to share the joy and luck of the winning prize.

According to Mr. Liu’s family, they discussed that they decided to use the bonus to repay the mortgage.

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