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309th Zhong Xuanfu 3D Forecast Number: Single Number Reference

Review of the previous period: Fucai 3D 2022308 prize number is 087, the award number type is group six, the unprecedented ratio is 1: 2, and the size ratio is 2: 1.

Type analysis: Fucai 3D During the previous 30 issue (No. 2022254-Issue 202283), the group three (including leopard) combination appeared 13 times, accounting for 43%of the total awards, 17 issues in group six numbers, proportional proportions appeared, It is 57%, of which the six -number group six number is significantly higher.

During the last 30 period (2022284-issue 2022313), the number of group three (including leopard) appeared in a total of 7 periods, accounting for 28%of the total number of awards. %, Group six numbers appear for 2 consecutive periods, and the performance is very active. The expected award number in this issue is group six numbers.

Analysis of the puppet: In the previous 30 period, the prize number ratio was 43:47, and the proportion of the odd number number was basically the same; in the last 30 cycle, the award number was 40:50, and the proportion of the odd numbers was low. The last 3 phase of the odd number has performed coldly. In this issue, pay attention to replenishment, and refer to the odds ratio of 2: 1.

Analysis of size: During the previous 30 issue (No. 2022254-Issue 2022283), the award number ratio was 42:48, and the large number of large appeared was low; Period), the 3D lottery size ratio is 36:54, and the large trend is relatively sluggish. In the last three phases, the large number of large numbers is significantly hot. This issue is not optimistic about turning cold, reference size ratio 2: 1.

Zhong Xuanfu 3D 3D No. 2022309 Forecast:

Prize number type: group six

Bald code reference: 3 7

Exclude one yard: 0

Direct selection five -code reference: 15789*34678*45678

Single Number Reference: 167 178 179 278 279 378 379 389 478 479 579 678 679 789

Selected one bet number: 738

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