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309 Issue Lao Liangfu Cai 3D Forecast Number: 15 Number Number Reference

Review of the last issue: Fucai 3D 2022308 Lottery Number is: 087, the type of prize number is: Group 6, the cold temperature and thermal state of the award number are: temperature+hot number+heat number.

The last period of the single digit is: Hot Number 7, this position in the last 10 period is mainly the temperature number, and the cold number appears relatively small. At present The number of hot numbers appears, follow the number 9.

Ten digits last prize number: Hot Number 8, the last ten are mainly hot numbers, and the number of cold numbers is relatively low. There are 2 cold numbers in this period without thawing: 3, 4. The cold number thaw, refer to the cold number 4.

Hundreds of the last period appeared: Warm number 0, this place has more than ten consecutive periods, and less appears in the cold number. At present, there are 3 cold numbers that have missed 15 issues or more: 5, 8, 9, this issue of this issue Note that the cold number is gradually thawed and pay attention to the cold number 5.

Comprehensive recommendation of Lao Liang Fucai 3D No. 2022309:

One code for killing: 3

Two yards reference: 5 9

Direct selection 5*5*5 code Reference: 01259*04689*56789

15 bet number reference: 015 025 059 059 157 169 179 249 456 458 459 568 689

A direct reference: 549

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