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3-2!The first victory of the AFC Champions League Harvesting Team has become a background board

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At 22:00 on July 8th, Beijing time, in the fifth round of the AFC Champions League Group I, 4 minutes before the start was scored 2 goals by Beijing Guoan. The ball finally completed the 3-2 reversal.

Thanks to the AFC Champions League expansion, Liancheng FC, which has only been established for 9 years, won the first chance to participate in the AFC Champions League. When Liancheng FC faced the Beijing Guoan echelon in the first round, it was equalized by the national youth captain Liang Shaowen’s free kick in the case of 1-0. Essence

However, in the next facing the Daegu FC and Chuanzaki striker, Liancheng FC was beaten a 7-0 and 8-0 tragedy, respectively. After playing a 1-1 draw with Guoan, Liancheng FC suffered 3 consecutive defeats, and lost 17 goals in 3 rounds, but scored 0 goals. In 4 rounds, they only went out in two rounds in advance.

Facing Beijing Guoan in this round is a honor of honor for the AFC Champions League New Army Liancheng FC. From 0-2 to 3-2 reversal, Liancheng FC finally gained the first AFC Champions League victory in the team history.

They are the first new troops in the AFC Champions League this season. Lathari has 2 points in hand, while Kaya FC and Pennie Wanderers are all 0 points.

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