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242 yards!Yan Panpan wins to see Golf’s best efforts to play the rankings Beijing Station

Recently, Di Shi can strive to play the rankings in the No. 2 Holdings of the Pearl Pearl Golf Rural Club, Beijing Oriental Pearl. Essence

Dongfang Pearl No. 2 hole, 420 yards long distance 4 holes, and the wide fairway allows the golfers to do their best, exert the technology, and wave the perfect shot. At the same time, the water and woods on the left and right sides also test the accuracy of hitting the ball. On the starting table, after Yan Panpan used the Benno Golf ranging meter, lock the roads falling point, and then took out No. 1 Mu to wave, waved 242 yards, landed in the middle of the spherical road, led Zhang Qingyu 3 yards, winning doubles, winning doubles Vision Golf women tried their best to play the ranking of Beijing Station.

Although Beijing has entered the late autumn, the autumn is high on the day of the practice day, and the weather is very powerful. “It’s warmer, and the body is pulled more. I didn’t expect that I could fight so far. When I participated in the event, I just wanted to do my best.” Yan Panpan said in an interview, “I am very happy! My usual 1 usually 1 I usually 1 The distance of the wooden wood is not particularly far away. 242 yards are a good result. Obtaining this distance is also a positive feedback to my recent training achievements. “

As early as April of this year, the Women’s Zhongtian Twenty-level Tournament-In the starting point of the Star Station, Yan Panpan scored 202 with a total three rounds, and when he won the fourth crown in the first point of the first point of the standard pole, he won the fourth champion. A mysterious prize provided by Benno Golf: V5 S ranging meter. This spacing meter has also accompanied her to this day.

“The earliest buyer to buy a gathered meter was to see Golf. This spring I was really shocked and happy when I won the V5 S in the starting point. My favorite is the slope of the rating metering meter. Function, it has very good help during the usual training and pre -match trial field, especially before the game, I can use the help of the ranging meter to the number of the number of the number to add, how many yards are reduced to the downhill, how much yard downhill, and how much yard is reduced. It is very helpful to the main match. “Yan Panpan said.

Not only a outstanding professional golf, Yan Panpan is also a part -time coach, with many students. “In daily teaching, I will also recommend the ranging meter with my students. The measurement is fast. The slope function can be switched at any time without affecting the use of adolescent/amateur competitions.

“I suggest whether it is a professional player or an amateur golf, and the slope function of the ranging meter is very important. The participating players can open the slope function during practice and use the slope function to strengthen the judgment of the number. Of course The slope function is turned off. “Yan Panpan said.

With the launch of the new PRO X3, the Perspective Golf ranging meter has a higher level on the slope function. The slope function keys are moved to the top of the front. The red part is not seen by the slope function, and the lock is also added to prevent the movement of the slopes from moving unexpectedly.

The new product of the PRO X3 was officially launched in October 2022. In addition to the slope function, the functions of environmental factors such as temperature, altitude height, flagpole capture & visual, vibration dual reminder, screen red and black double display and other functions have all been upgraded. Essence More black technology is waiting for the golfers to unlock.

“Bengba can strive for the rankings of the golf women,” was jointly launched by Benniang Golf and the woman. It aims to motivate women’s golfers while also actively promoting the development of the Chinese golf movement. When the heroic generals stood on the serve table, they worked hard to do their best, and she would accurately measure their dream distance.

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