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2023 The first national elephant “manufacturing” Wang Zheng Shifan chess in the first competition of the chess category follows closely

The “Belt and Road” Shaanxi 2022 World Women’s International Chess Master Peak Tour will be held in Xi’an from January 6th to January 8th, and the first domestic chess industry will be staged in 2023.

The event was originally scheduled to be held in November 2022. Due to the extension of the epidemic, the reappearance of the game also marked that the domestic chess competition is gradually normalizing, and more competitions will be presented in front of the enthusiasts.

Shaanxi 2022 World Women’s International Chess Master Peak Tournament was sponsored by the State General Administration of Sports, China International Chess Association, and Shaanxi Provincial Sports Bureau.Participate through the Internet.Chinese chess players are: Guo Qi, Ning Kaiyu, Zhai Mo, Xiao Yiyi, Ni Shiqun, Li Xueyi, foreign chess players: Georgia Hodenhvili, Bulgarian Fangnova, Azerbaijan Marmazada, Israel YefroIMSky, Kazakhstan, Asa Ubaya, Poland.

The chess “Wang Zheng Shifan Chess”, which has attracted strong attention to enthusiasts, will start on January 13th, the first game on the 13th, the 14th and 15th on the 14th, the sixth inning on January 24, January 25On the 26th, the last 4 innings.The first chess player Wang Tianyi and the level were closely divided into the peak duel.

The first game of the 27th LG Cup Sanfan Chess Final in Go was held on January 30th.

Compared with the age of non -epidemic, the chess competition in January is still significantly less, but it will usher in an outbreak in February. There are “debt repayment” after the epidemic, and there are also old games full of years of memories.The enclosure will be completed, and the Qiang Qi Wuyang Cup will reinstate the war in February after 14 years.

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  1. “Wang Zheng Shifan Chess” seems to be fast chess

  2. Looking forward to Ding Hao win the world championship!Ding Guo Smart Smart!Follow the degree of consistency with Al!Pay attention to how Yang Dingxin commented on himself and his opponents.

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