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2023 AFC/Chinese Football Association coaches enthusiastically visit the Guangzhou Football Museum

(All real shots of this article are provided by team photographer Gan Yuxuan)

Author: Cong Shuoming (big guy Ming)

On the first day of the official opening of the Guangzhou Football Club Museum, a group of “mysterious guests” ushered in. They were one of the 2023 Asian Football/Chinese Football Association B -level coach continuing education training courses that were started at the Guangzhou team training base.All members.They are also fortunate to be the first batch of VIPs to visit the Guangzhou Football Club Museum!

It is understood that on January 12, 2023, the AFC/Chinese Football Association B -level coach continuing education training class hosted by the China Football Association and hosted by the Guangdong Football Association opened at the Guangzhou Football Club training base.During the training class, the Guangzhou Football Club Training Base was carefully prepared to invite all members to visit the Base Museum to learn about the cultural construction of the Guangzhou Football Club, player style and brilliant achievements.

In fact, whether it is a photo in the main building lobby, or on the explanation of the second and third floors, the trainees who see the training class are very serious and invested. Many people will stop and stay for a while in the part of their own interests.Look at the text and pictures carefully, and take out your hands from time to time, as if you want to record every moment of moving.

After the visit, the trainees have expressed their benefits and not this trip. They also thanked the Guangzhou Football Club for their enthusiastic entertainment and arrangements. In this regard, “Talking about Sports” found the training class lecturer Zhang Peng and conducted a one to conduct a one for a lecturer and conducted a one to conduct a one.For a brief interview, I learned about the overall situation of this teaching class.

Ming (big guy Ming): Director Zhang, 2023 AFC/China Football Association B -level coach continuing education training course has been started for a few days. What is the current general situation?

Zhang (Zhang Peng): Our training course is an offline course for the continuing education training course of the AFC/China Football Association B -level coach. It lasted 3 days. It is the last day to this day.Here, we must first thank the Chinese Football Association, the Guangdong Football Association and the Guangzhou Football Club for their strong support for us.Especially in the process of preparation and training in the early stage, it gave strong support for logistics support, let us successfully complete the lectures.

Ming: Why did you choose to teach this course at the training base of the Guangzhou Football Club?

Zhang: First of all, this course is to ensure that our coaches have an opportunity to continue learning. It is also the opportunity to promote learning after their certificates are activated and activated.Finally, I chose to put it at the Guangzhou Football Club Training Base. First of all, considering the guarantee of hardware facilities. In addition, considering that the Guangzhou team (Guangzhou Heng Brigade) has a long football history and football culture, we choose to hold training courses here.

Ming: Today is the first time the Guangzhou Team Museum is open to the public. After the entire visit, how do you feel?

Zhang: For me, the biggest feeling is the most important point of the football sport. It is its culture.For our coaches, we must first understand culture. With culture and traditions, the coaches can better inherit, so that more children can like football and like regional football.Especially the honor room of the Guangzhou team just now is very shocking to me -this is not only the shock brought by football, but also the shock that the honor of Guangzhou Evergrande Football Club brings me!This honor believes that not only belongs to the Guangzhou team, Guangzhou football, but also the entire Chinese football.

Ming: When it comes to shock, if you say a little bit of the most shocking highlights in the process of visiting, where do you think it is?

Zhang: What makes me feel the most shocking and dazzling is the glory moment of the Guangzhou Evergrande team to win the Asian championship. The team has harvested the highest honor in Asia.Whether it is in 13 years or 15 years, it is very impressive to me twice. They should have the same important significance!

Ming: The experience in the Guangzhou team training base these days is not bad. Will you still choose to continue the class here in the future?

Zhang: I believe that after this training, the Chinese Football Association conducts more evaluations and inspections.For the hardware facilities of the Guangzhou team training base, including service details. As a training course in this period, as a lecturer, I am very satisfied with everyone. I look forward to continuing in the future.

Through interviews, I believe that everyone can feel the superiority of the Guangzhou Football Club training base and the intention of the staff.Perhaps the team’s current results are in a trough. In the future, there is no very clear direction in the future. However, through the operation of the base, it is basically sure that the team will not dissolve and will continue!It’s just that the unpredictability of competitive sports is too strong, and it will inevitably experience ups and downs. What kind of scene will be present in the future, I am afraid that there is no conclusion.However, the Guangzhou Football Club Museum has officially opened. In the future, the “one -day tour” event will be held in the future, allowing fans to enjoy and experience the charm of Guangzhou football culture. Please pay attention to the announcement of the Guangzhou team’s official website and wait for the good voice.

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