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2022 World Cup championship odds: France ranks second in China to enter the list


French Volleyball 2022 Championship List List Second

In the early morning of July 16, 2018, Beijing time, as the French team took the Hercules Cup, this World Cup came to the end. Subsequently, the relevant agencies updated the 2022 Qatar World Cup to win the championship odds.


2022 World Cup winning odds

From the latest winning odds, the five -star Brazil is still the biggest popular, and the winning odds of 1 win 7 are forced. However, Brazil’s advantages are not obvious. Germany, Spain, and France followed closely. The German World Cup Germany was the defending champion and unexpectedly went out of the group.

Argentina, which has Messi, is currently ranked fifth with a 1 loss 11 row. Belgium and England are ranked sixth and seven. They play well in this World Cup. Belgium has won the third place in England. England’s winning odds are 1 loss 15. Italy ranked eighth with 1 17 compensation 17, and the Netherlands ranked ninth.

It is worth mentioning that the Chinese team is also famous on the list. The Chinese team’s odds for winning the championship are 1,251. Together with South Korea and Japan, from the schedule for the schedule, the institution has entered the Qatar World Cup in 2022 in 2022. More confident.

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