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2022 The Person of the Year of the Go of Go (below): Ke Jie’s Active Age

At the end of 2022, the “Thousand Ship Achievements” of the B Station of the Eagle Eagle II, its traffic and influence were not inferior to those head anchors.In this depression year in 2022, Go people still work hard to create and accumulate the value of the project through hard work., I also look forward to Ke Jie recover as soon as possible and get the ninth crown as soon as possible.

As the eight crowns, the first person in China today, Ke Jie’s every move will be amplified, with a lot of pressure.Ke Jie’s official chess game this year was 29 wins and 21 losses. The results were acceptable. Ding Hao, Gu Zihao, Fan Tingyu, and Li Xuanhao reached the second place in the domestic level, and no one replaced the top position of Ke Jie.

Ke Jie’s expectations on his shoulders are very high. In the fourth quarter, Chinese Go pulled back the two cities in the Three Kingdoms Women’s Go Platform and LG Cup.

The high -expectation value complement the high traffic. Ke Jie’s live broadcast effect is full, and the number of online people and the number of interactions is the top flow level.The number of live broadcasts of Ke Jie is actually a few. In a live broadcast, Ke Jie said that daily focus is still training and chess. The live broadcast is to make everyone prefer Go. I can also have a platform to share my opinion.Winning the game, promoting Go more, letting more people paying attention to Go is my mission.

Near the end of the year, Ke Jie became a championship instructor and continued to promote Go in a new field.

Qi Sheng Nie Weiping had 70 birthday this year. In the rare year of the rejoicing of the joy of heaven at home, the old Nie was still unable to go idle and was busy for the promotion and popularization of Go.At the end of the World Cup, the short video platform opened the live broadcast of the “Chess Sacred Talk”. Lao Nie watched the ball at night, chatted during the day, and participated in more than a dozen live broadcasts to evaluate football chat Go.A few popular teams in the laughter did not let Lao Nie look at it. At the beginning, the French and Argentine Division Finals, which were optimistic about, also sent the chess saint to the top ten of the hot search.

The cute soul is interesting, and it is not contributed to the family. The chess player Zhanying has become a top flow with the hard power of the live broadcast. She made a Go teaching video she made to the hot list, which also made Go fire.The live broadcast of the war eagle has also become the subject of the second UP master who is keen to edit. The single hundred thousands of playback volume is normal, and it is not out of reach of over million.The popularity of Go not only requires the world champion, but also genius anchors.

Since the media era, more than one player has opened a live broadcast career. World Champion Zhou Ruiyang is the most representative of them.Zhou Ruiyang was slightly green when she first opened the live broadcast, and later gradually adapted to the frequent interaction with chess friends.The biggest feature of Zhou Ruiyang’s live broadcast is that relying on the deep skills of the world champion, the explanation technology is extremely exquisite. There are often “one of the gods of God”. For example, the LG Cup semi -final Ding Hao has a great advantage in Jiang Dongrun, but there is still a victory on the chessboard.In the space, Zhou Ruiyang sighed that Jiang Dongrun was a player who liked to admit defeat. As soon as Jiang Dongrun fell Jiang Dongrun, he turned this prediction into reality.

On March 8th, a public welfare video starred by Yu Zhiying and called “Girls can also play Go” appeared on Weibo hot search. The last version of the video is:Children’s Go platform.By the end of the year, the number of children had become 1.6 million.Over the past year, there has been a strong development momentum of the way. In addition to continuing to expand scale and comprehensively popularized and promoted, many special activities have been organized.Ke Jie’s apprenticeship line was selected to set up a vertical championship class to host the National Children’s Go Open. From online to offline, from entry to championships, there are many Go -horizontal Go education maps.

In 2022, there is another major event for Go education, that is, the national Go textbooks led by the Chinese Go Association were officially published. Shao Jia, a growth instructor of the championship class, is the editor -in -chief of this textbook.As a traditional culture of Chinese, Go is increasingly recognized and affirmed by education.Among the Chinese Go years, people who contribute to Go education have a place.

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