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2022 Lai Mao Cup National Badminton Stadium Invitational National Finals ended

The 2022 Lai Mao Cup National Badminton Stadium Invitational National Finals, on the morning of November 20, officially launched at the Badminton Park of Changsha Badminton Park. Twelve popular team teams from the country fought for the glory of the national championship. After a day of fierce competition, the team of Changsha Shuangshui Bay Badminton Store won the championship. The Hangzhou Light Energy Badminton Base Hall team won the runner -up, and the Xi’an Yude Badminton Hall team won the third place.

After five months, the contract of badminton wines that spanned the 21st cities across the country finally painted a successful end. In these five months, we have witnessed the close interaction between the badminton and the folk grassroots, witnessed the side -by -side combat of the badminton stadium and the golfers, witnessed the immortality of the current national fitness, and witnessed Lai Mao to China. The firm support of the badminton career also witnessed this event. In the second year, the strong vitality was burst out.

Dashan Zhang Nan Airborne Dragon Sales Burning Line

At the opening ceremony of the finals, Yang Nan, deputy general manager of Guizhou Lai Mao Liquor Co., Ltd., delivered a speech. She said: “Lai Mao Cup Valley Invitational Tournament is the strategic core of Lai Mao Sports Marketing Matrix. Important windows. Lai Mao has established in -depth cooperation with more than 110 badminton halls across the country to continue to promote the two -way empowerment of the Lai Mao brand and badminton stadiums. “

Zhou Xiaochun, a first -level inspector of the Hunan Provincial Department of Retired Military Affairs, executive member of the National Fitness Committee of the China Badminton Association, Tang Hui, vice chairman and secretary general of the Hunan Badminton Association, Hunan Broadcasting Film and Television Group (Hunan Broadcasting and Television) Happy Pioneer Media Co., Ltd. General Manager, Vice Chairman of the Hunan Provincial Badminton Association, Xiao Yan, Hunan Broadcasting Film and Television Group (Hunan Radio and Television), Executive Deputy General Manager of Happy Pioneer Media Co., Ltd., Yang Nan, deputy general manager of Guizhou Lai Mao Wine Co., Ltd., 2012 London Olympics The champion, the men’s doubles champion of the 2016 Rio Olympic Games, Zhang Nan, the winner of the badminton Grand Slam, kicked off the game for the event.

The colorful badminton used in the kick -off ceremony of this game means “headcolor”, helping the players to win. At the same time, this is also a “Easter Egg” at the opening ceremony of the competition. After that, athletes who receive color badminton can participate in the interactive dragon race after the opening ceremony. Their opponents are Zhang Nan and “the most in the curator”. The team formed by Zhang Jiayu’s team of Foshan Lijian Badminton Hall, Zhang Nan repeatedly used the trick of fancy balls on the field, causing a lot of exclaiming. With the help of Zhang Nan, the Foshan Lijian Badminton Hall team won the game even better in the game. After the game, the athletes also took a group photo with their idols.

The host battle to the cramp home at home 3-1 to win the championship

The players entering the finals are between Bo Zhong, and the players on the field are bravely struggling to fight for each point. Each venue is staged a wonderful duel related to the glory of the stadium. After a day of fierce competition, the host of the Changsha Shuangshui Bay Badminton Stadium in Changsha and the Hangzhou Light Energy Badminton Stadium reacted the finals, and staged a one for everyone. The peak of the field.

The first men’s singles game staged a dramatic scene. The competition was played by Yang Zhi Ji from Changsha Shuangshui Bay. Xie Yuanpeng, Hangzhou’s light and energy. Perhaps after a day of high -intensity competition, Yang Zhi has done his best in the final battle in the final battle. , Flying around, as a result, his leg cramps. After a brief rest, he continued to persist. Although he finally regretted losing the game, his spirit of hard work and struggle was also moving.

Although he could not score for the team, Yang Zhiqi made his best on the court to inspire other teammates present. In the end, the host of the Changsha Shuangshui Bay Badminton Stadium in Changsha, in the three games in the next three games, with 3 cities, with 3 -1 Reversing the opponent and won the 2022 Lai Mao Cup National Badminton Stadium Invitational National Finals.


Champion: Changsha Shuangshuiwan Badminton Badfighting Stadium

Badminton coffee cluster can help the event IP wings gradually abundant

The badminton hall is the best place for the daily training and competitions of badminton enthusiasts, and it is also an important contact of social activities through badminton sports. In an interview, Zhang Nan also said in an interview that the competition was very creative. To select athletes through the venue to participate in the finals, he can play the players at the maximum range, and can also find the strongest players in different cubers. Formed the strongest team to participate in the finals.

Looking back at the annual events, Olympic champions Zhang Ning, Zhang Nan, Tian Qing, Badminton King Zhao Jianhua, the world champion Xiong Guobao, Huang Sui, Liu Jianjun and other badminton coffees to help the competition in various ways to cheer in the competition. Li Kele, Longbao Badminton, I am Lan Sister, Steak and other badminton circles. The most popular voting activity of the most IN museum, with page visits exceeding 520,000, from sub -stations to the finals, the content related to the Lai Mao Cup venue invitation competition exposed over 8 million.

On the day of the finals, the competition signal also lived simultaneously through Pioneer Pingyu Channel, China Sports, Zhongyu Online, Catching Live and other mainstream platforms. The maximum touched the game to the majority of badminton enthusiasts, and the wonderful grand event of the game scene was given to the game scene. Fans.

Trust each other to respect each other

At the award dinner, Tang Hui, executive member of the National Fitness Committee of the China Bades Association and the vice chairman and secretary general of the Hunan Badminton Association, delivered a speech. Keeping each other and love together, novel themes and strong interaction. It not only promotes the development of badminton projects, but also promotes the process of national fitness. “The players chatted and enjoyed Changsha’s specialty foods and drinking together. Lai Mao Wine. The fierce competition on the court showed the true feelings during the seat. Because of trust, they fought side by side because of true feelings, they touched the cup to drink.

At the dinner site, Zhang Nan also signed his name on Lai Mao World Yu’s joint work commemorative wine. As a championship gift to the champion team, this ritual prizes added another glory to the championship trophy. In addition, the organizing committee also awarded the Excellent Division Award. Hangzhou Light Energy Badminton Hall, Ningbo Xingming Panhuo Badminton Hall, and Quanzhou Xingdonghai AI Badminton Hall won this honor.

Lai Mao Cup IP double -wing flying in the future is available

Since becoming the official partner of the World Badminton Federation in 2018, Lai Mao has been refined in the badminton circle, step by step. By 2022, the “Lai Mao Cup” has become an influential amateur IP event. Alumni Badminton Challenge and Lai Mao Cup National Badminton Stadium Invitational Tournament, two wings are flying together, providing an increasingly mature competition platform for national badminton enthusiasts.

Lai Lai, respect the true feelings. At the moment when the normalization epidemic prevention and control, this event also encountered many difficulties during the preparation process, changed the game time and place, but also thanks to the help of various cooperative venues and members, which contributed to this successful game. The event, a successful ending for the event.

Yang Nan, deputy general manager of Guizhou Lai Mao Liquor Co., Ltd. said: In the case of following the national overall epidemic prevention and control policy, Lai Mao and the organizing committee have actively planned a well -being responding plan to invite the national badminton hall delegation teams across the country. Come to Changsha to compete for the highest honor of the National Finals. At the same time, Zhang Nan, the Olympic champion Zhang Nan, was invited to interact on the spot and live up to the enthusiasm of the majority of badminton fans. This is also the responsibility of Lai Mao’s physical fitness to support the national fitness and help the sports industry’s resumption of production.

Yang Nan also said: This year’s competition branch has doubled, and more than 4,000 people participated nationwide. It can be said that this year’s badminton circle is also a phenomenal game. Mao to host the event by the venue, which also provides a major opportunity for the members of the venue, and is also the cutting -edge platform for the development of badminton development.

In the future, Lai Mao will still focus on the badminton circle, the World Badminton Federation, Badminton Stars, Badminton Hall, Badminton Club and other fields, etc., spare no effort to promote the development of China’s badminton industry, and support the national fitness national strategy with more practical actions. And Health China 2030 plan.


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