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2022 Korean Go Awards Shen Zhenzhi won the MVP

On December 29th, at the 2022 Korean Go Awards held at the River on the Ruicao District of Seoul, Shen Zhenjiu’s nine sections received 53%of votes (70%) in the selection committee voting of Go reporters, voting at netizens55.3%of the votes (30%) were obtained, and eventually they were selected as an annual MVP with a total of 53.7%of the votes.

This is the fourth time that Shen Zhenzhang’s nine -stage section was elected as the Fourth MVP of the Korean Go of the Korean Go after the 2018, 2020, and 2021.

In this year’s international competition, Shen Zhenzhang won the LG Cup, Samsung Cup, and the Guojianshan Cup.In the Nongxin Cup team, Hao won 4 consecutive victories to help the South Korean team win again.South Korea’s domestic chess war is crowned.

Cui Jingjiu, who created history at the Samsung Cup and finally won the runner -up, won the best women’s chess award.

Cui Jingjiu set a record for the first time that the female chess player entered the World Championship finals, and also won three championship trophy in the domestic competition (the highest chess player of the woman decided, the women’s national battle, and the women’s chess jihad).Essence

The veteran chess award was obtained by Liu Changhe’s nine paragraphs.

Liu Changhe’s nine sections achieved defending in the 1004 Island Xinan International Old Elderly Championship. He won the Korean veteran Go League. He performed active on the stage of chess at home and abroad and his record was brilliant.

Li Yuanrong, who won the chess championship for the first time in 13 years in the advanced award, was included in the nine section of the chess championship.

Li Yuanrong’s nine sections won the first championship trophy in the Korean Go Open in the South Korean Go Open, and then won the runner -up in the Baiyan Cup in Andong City, and achieved excellent results in Korean domestic competitions.

The popular chess award selected by netizens was won by Cui Jingjiu.In addition, Cui Jingjiu section won in the contest with Shen Zhenzhang, and was selected as the most popular chess player by fans.

In order to enter the five -year -old men and women’s best newcomer award, the five sections of Han Youlu and the five sections of Kim Elei were won.

Hanyou won the five stages of the fifth stage, winning the most powerful championship, the “Future Star” cup runner -up, and entered the top 32 of the Samsung Cup, becoming the next generation of star who has been highly hoped.

Within ten days, Kim Elei, who won the two championships of the Xiaolin Cup and Lan Xuexuan Cup, is currently ranked third in the Korean women’s level. As the future “Queen’s successor”, it is officially set off.

Among the men’s chess players, Shen Zhenzhang has won the three major awards of winning, winning perception and winning streak.In 2022 (as of December 29), it ranked first with 79 wins and 14 losses, 84.95%wins, 18 -game winning streak (March 24th to May 12th).

Among the women’s chess players, Cui Jing’s nine sections won the winning percentage award (78 wins and 27 losses 74.29%) and two consecutive winning prizes (20 consecutive victories)., 94 wins).

The winners of the credit award are Xue Xun and Haicheng Group.Mr. Xue Xun made continuous contributions and help for the Go industry. From the founding of the Korean paper -making women’s chess in 2017 to the continuous sponsor of women’s chess, Haicheng Group made great contributions to the development of the women’s chess world. Therefore, it was awardedAchievement award.

In addition, the South Korean Go Awards also commended amateur players who have achieved excellent results this year, as well as individuals and groups who have made great contributions to the popularization and development of Go.

The detailed award list is as follows

The best chess player award (MVP) Shen Zhenjiu Nine Section

The best women’s chess player Awards Cui Jingjiu paragraph

Lao Qi Chess Award Liu Changhe Jiuli

Men’s Best Newcomer Award Han Youlu Five Section

Women’s Best Newcomer Award Kim Ener Holding Five Sections

Advanced Award Li Yuanrong Nine Section

Cultural Award Co-Democratic Party member-Xue Xun & Haicheng Group

Popularity Chess Award Cui Jing Jiu Duan

Men’s winning prize Shen Zhenzheng (79 wins and 14 defeats)

Women’s winning prize Jin En holds (94 wins and 45 losses)

Men’s winning rate award Shen Zhenzheng (84.95%)

Women’s Winning Rate Award Cui Jing (74.29%)

Men’s winning prize Shen Zhenzheng (18 -game winning streak)

Women’s winning prize Cui Jing (20 consecutive victories)

The best amateur chess player Jin Zhengshan

Women’s best amateur chess player Li Lufei

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  1. Yang Ke: Instead of improving yourself, it is better to cheat for others

  2. “I won the LG Cup, Samsung Cup, and the Guojian Mountain Cup in the international competition”—- Are you all from online chess?

  3. Shen Computers wins.It was Li Shishi atmosphere, and would rather retire in advance and not cheat.

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