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2022 Chinese Equestrian Competition Media Police Senior Training Class accelerates the horse movement

“2022 Chinese Equestrian Contest Media Police Senior Training Course” was held at the Baiyun Hotel in Guangzhou on June 15-16. The organizer of this seminar was the China Equestrian Association. The event received the Hong Kong Jockey Club, Guangdong Equestrian Association, Guangzhou City The Sports Bureau and Guangzhou Sports Federation strongly support.

Figure 1: Training meeting site

In the first time in the Mainland, the media practitioners who held equestrian events on equestrian events

A brief and grand opening ceremony was held at the venue at 2:20 pm on June 15. Chen Jiuqing, Minister of Commerce of the China Equestrian Association, deputy director of the Standing Committee of the China Speed ​​Horse Racing Committee; Chen Guangxin (Chen Peter), Executive Vice President of the Guangdong Equestrian Association, Chen Guangxin (Chen Ped); Dean of the International Equestrian Academy of Wuhan Business College, the China Speed ​​Horse Racing Committee Professor Li Yongnan; the Guangzhou Sports Bureau and the Guangzhou Equestrian Association Lin Wento; national equestrian referee Chen Jingbo; the representative of the Hong Kong Jockey Club of this event sponsorship unit, and the project manager Ms. Ma Yiwen and other leaders and guests attended the opening ceremony.

Figure 2: Chen Jiuqing, Minister of Commerce of the Chinese Equestrian Association, delivered a speech at the opening ceremony

Figure 3: Lin Wene, Guangzhou Sports Bureau, Guangzhou Equestrian Association

Figure 4: The representative of the Hong Kong Jockey Club, the sponsor of this event, Ms. Ma Yiwen, the project manager

This is the first time that the Mainland has organized a media practitioner about equestrian events. Chen Jiuqing, Minister of Commerce of the Chinese Equestrian Association and deputy director of the Standing Committee of the China Speed ​​Horse Racing Committee, said in his speech that in September 2020, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Ministry and the State General Administration of Sports jointly issued the “National Malaysia Industry Development Plan (2020-2025)”. Promoting the development and progress of various undertakings of equestrian, pointing out the direction of the development of the national horses industry in the next five years. At the Tokyo Olympics, the Chinese equestrian team achieved historic breakthroughs and inspired more people to participate in equestrian sports. At the same time, with the vigorous development of the national equestrian movement, the number of equestrian clubs has developed from 1,000 in 2017 to more than 3,000 today. The 2022 equestrian event media practitioners hosted by the Chinese Equestrian Association officially opened. Through authoritative and professional training classes, they can clarify the relationship between the development of the media and the equestrian industry, promote the positive energy of equestrian propaganda, and further regulate equestrian movement. Career enables the media to adapt to the needs of the current development at this stage of the current development of horses, allow more media practitioners to report standards standards, and let more people understand and participate in equestrian movements.

The Guangzhou Sports Bureau also strongly supported the media training classes. The Guangzhou Sports Bureau and the Guangzhou Equestrian Association Lin Wento said in a subsequent speech that in recent years, the Party Central Committee and the State Council have attached great importance to the development of the horse industry. Several opinions of the development of the sports industry to promote sports consumption “, and the General Office of the State Council” Guiding Opinions on Accelerating the Development of the Fitness and Leisure Industry “, all put forward clear requirements for the development of equestrian sports. Senior training classes are very meaningful, help the publicity and promotion of equestrian movements, promote the promotion matrix of equestrian movement, and create a good atmosphere of public opinion for the healthy development of domestic equestrian movements.

The industry lecturers talk about six topics of Horse Movement respectively

Chen Peed, a horse racing expert and the official competition of the Hong Kong Jockey Club, launched the first subject, “Macerine Summary” on the afternoon of June 15th. The history and development status of modern horse racing are answered on the spot.

Figure 5: Chen Guangxin (Chen Ped), Executive Vice President and Deputy Secretary -General of the Guangdong Equestrian Association

Figure 6: Students are taking notes seriously

At 9 am on June 16th, the three lecturers of the Hong Kong Jockey Club used online live broadcasts to tell students the two topics of “Cooperation between Jockey Club and the Media” and “Operation of Jockey Club’s self -made programs”. Zhang Meide, the information manager of the Hong Kong Jockey Club, introduced the development of Hong Kong horse racing media from the development environment, audiences, and professionalism of the horse racing; Yang Minghao, a public affairs manager of the Hong Kong Jockey Club, listed the style of horse racing media in Hong Kong and overseas regions, from Regional, competition analysis, and competition reports, etc., compare the focus of horse racing media in the two places, introduce the main tasks of the horse racing media; Chen Weili, a Chinese Jockey Club Chinese horse racing program, introduced the live broadcast programs, pre -match programs, post -match shows, overseas, overseas The four -stage jockets of the event showed their own programs, and played the show fragments to introduce the students how these Jockey Club self -made programs operated. The vivid and rich content of the lecturers won the praise of offline students.

Figure 7: The guest lecturer of the Hong Kong Jockey Club Teach online

Dai Xuedong, general manager of Nanfang Newspaper Media Group New Media Co., Ltd., part -time professor of the School of Communication and Design of Sun Yat -sen University, and master tutor Dai Xuedong, subsequently launched a topic of “Starting from Tian Ji Horse -How to Promote the Development of Equestrian Movement”. Dai Xuedong explained to you how the ancient and modern media reported the horse racing event and the development of the horse racing in Guangzhou. He said that the horse sports industry needs the media to win and establish an image. The ultimate goal is to create impressions. Deep brand.

Figure 8: Dai Xuedong, a master of tutoring and a master’s tutor of Zhongshan University Communication and Design Students

At 2 pm, Li Yaonan, the dean of the International Equestrian Academy of Wuhan Business College and the Standing Committee of the China Speed ​​Horse Racing Committee, started the topic of the “China Speed ​​March Race Rules and Technical Standards”. Wuhan Business College International Equestrian Academy founded the first equestrian major in the country and established the “National College of Equestrian”. Professor Li took Wuhan Speed ​​Horse Racing as an example to conduct a revision and interpretation of competition rules and technical standards to the students. The foundation of spreading, the competition is rich in media connotation, and the media promotes the popularization and application of the rules and standards of the competition. Figure 9: Li Yonan, Dean of the International Equestrian College of Wuhan Business College

Subsequently, Chen Jingbo, a national equestrian referee, told the “Equestrian Movement” to the students. He focused on the Olympic equestrian project and sorted out the development context of modern equestrian. Division of labor, etc., means that media reports are also an important part of equestrian competition.

Figure 10: national equestrian referee Chen Jingbo

After the course, the leaders and guests attending the media seminar issued a training certificate to the students at the scene and took a group photo.

Figure 11: Big photo

The seminar accelerates the horse movement

The National Horse Movement is booming, and the large number of horses movement participating in the group’s demand for competitions is increasing, which has also forced the market to increase the number of horses and improve quality, and the level of propaganda and reporting. In order to implement the party and the country’s horses’ movement policies, actively and steadily promote the progress and development of the various undertakings of horse racing and equestrian, and meet the requirements of the current stage of equestrian and horse racing. , Invited top -level horses at home and abroad to make a simple way for the majority of media practitioners and horses’ popular equestrian events for the majority of media practitioners and horses, and further regulate the various tasks of Chinese equestrian events. feast.

In addition, Guangdong, Hong Kong, and Macau will jointly host the 15th National Games of 2025. This is the first time that the Guangdong -Hong Kong -Macao three places have jointly held the National Games. The Hong Kong Jockey Club Guangzhou Conghua Horse Farm is also expected to hold a routine horse racing event in 2026. The holding of this media training class is also of great significance for building Sui, Hong Kong and Malaysia’s industrial and economic circles.

In addition to the offline meeting, this training class also arranged an online conference to allow students who love equestrian sports but cannot come to the scene to participate in the meeting. Preliminary statistics are based on offline and online ways. More than 10,000 students participating in the conference. This seminar has received praise from many trainees. Some students said that through the explanations of several teachers and teachers, they have a deeper understanding of equestrian movement, and they are also confident in the development of domestic horses in the future. It is reported that after the students who participated in the seminar completed the course and passed the test, they would receive a training certificate issued by the Chinese Equestrian Association.

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