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2022 Asian chess group online competition will start on December 17

The article is transferred from: Chinese Chess Association

Hosted by the Asian Chess Federation and hosted by the Chinese Chess Association, the 2022 Asian Chess Group Online Tournament opened on December 17 on the “Tiantian Chess” platform.42 players from 9 countries and regions including China, Hong Kong, China, Macau, China, Taipei, China, Singapore, Australia, Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia, etc., will gather “chess” to the cloud, compete for men’s groups and women’s personal championshipsEssence

In this competition, men and women adopt 5 rounds of streaming.Each men’s team consists of 3 players, with a total of 10 teams and 30 players participating.According to the regulations, the Chinese Chess Association team will send two teams to participate.A team of the Chinese Chess Association was teamed by the Shanghai Chess Association, and the chess master Sun Yongzheng led the chess national master Zhao Wei and Jiang Rongbing.They have joined hands with Xiangjia for many years, and they have tacit each other.Coupled with the chess master Sun Yongzheng, the team of the Chinese Chess Association undoubtedly became the popularity of men’s groups.The second team of the Chinese Chess Association was formed by the Hangzhou Chess Association, and selected three outstanding young players including Zhang Xuanjie, Ye Zihan, and Zheng Yizhen to participate. The average of three young players was 12 years old.It is an opportunity to increase experience and growth, and look forward to bringing outstanding performance.

In terms of women, there are 12 players from 6 teams participating.The Chinese Chess Association team was played by the national master Wang Yan and the teenager Zhang Jiawen.The two of them also came from the Shanghai team, looking forward to the stunning play.

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