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2022/2023 The National Falter Skating Championships starts today

On the afternoon of January 11th, the 2022/2023 National Falter Skating Championships opened at the Chengde Ice Movement Center in Hebei.This tournament lasts three days. On January 12, the men’s single skate championship will be decided. The championship of women’s single -player, double -person slip and ice dance project will be released on January 13.As the first national pattern skating event held in 2023, it is also the first national skating event under the first three years of backbone. The competition has attracted many masters to participate.

Shen Xue, chairman of the Chinese Falter Skating Association, said that the National Championship is not only a stage for domestic high -level figure skating athletes to test and display training results, but also has become one of the most anticipated events for ice and snow enthusiasts every season.This national championship is the first national skid competition under the return on the background this season. It will definitely ignite the enthusiasm of players and ice fans, making this ice event more vivid and more exciting.

In terms of men’s single -player slippery, 18 -year -old teenager Chen Yudong will launch an impact on his first National Championship champion.With age and experience, his training and competition status is constantly increasing.Han Wenbao and Jiang Zhiao won the runner -up and the third place in the National Youth Championships recently, and their performance is also worth looking forward to.In addition, Meg Ruiqi and Yu Zhile will also strive to contribute wonderful performances.They all live and train in southern cities, and have improved significantly in recent years.


Chen Yudong

In the women’s single skate field, the defending champion An Xiangyi completed the international premiere of the international arena in this season.”It is also quite interesting.Chen Hongyi, the runner -up of the last championship, will appear again. A number of young players with outstanding performance styles such as Jin Shuxian, Wang Yanqiao, and Cheng Jiaying are also powerful contesses of medals.



Double -slip project, Zhang Siyang/Yang Yongchao will participate in the first full Championships after their partner.Zhang Siyang was an excellent women’s singles athlete. She has a prominent gliding technology. Yang Yongchao has won the runner -up of the previous Championship with the previous partner. The technical solid technology and the competition experience is also very rich.Another pair of combination Yang Yixi/Deng Shunyang practiced in the season this season and harvested many good results including the Fifth Polish Polish Station Polish Station, the National Youth Championship, and the Youth Championship of the Club League Finals.In addition, the new faces such as Wang Huiti/Jia Ziqi, Zhang Jiaxuan/Huang Yihang, Sun Meimei/Wang Yunjie/Liu Helin/Liu Helin will also appear in this competition.


Zhang Siyang/Yang Yongchao

In the ice dance, Chen Xizi/Xing Jianing, the champion of the youth group of the last Championships, will strive to stand on the highest podium.Li Xuanling/Wang Xinkang, Cao Lu Sing/Chen Jianxu, who also played in the Youth League in the last Championships, will complete the promotion competition this season to accumulate experience and show the training results.


Chen Xizi/Xing Jianing

It is reported that the National Falter Skating Championships will be broadcast on the all -media platform of I skid (Weibo). The majority of skating enthusiasts will be able to follow the webcast to share this top -like skating event in China.

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