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2021 The concept of “National Football” concept of the Chinese Football Association Cup is deeply rooted in people’s hearts

On the evening of January 9, 2022, the newly completed Chengdu Phoenix Mountain Sports Park professional football field, Shandong Taishan 1: 0 defeated the Shanghai Harbor to hold the Football Association Cup championship trophy. This year’s FA Cup has played a total of 5 rounds and 37 games, scoring 127 goals (including the decisive game). Jodsong, Shandong Taishan Foreign Aid in the finals, was named the best player in the field. The Sichuan Jiuniu team won the 2021 Dark Horse Award, and the Wuhan team won the Fair Competition Award in the 2021 season. At this point, Yanjing Beer 2021 China Football Association Cup has ended successfully.

This event coincides with the 65th anniversary of the FA Cup, however, the century epidemic is accompanied again. However, the FA Cup Organizing Committee, various regions of the country, participating teams, sponsors, and other cooperative cooperation, strictly cope, stabilize, steadily seek progress, this historic event is more healthy, the event has a wider influence, the event is more extensive. Brand communication is more profound.

“National Football” concept is deeply rooted in people’s hearts

Due to the epidemic, the FA Cup appropriately compressed the competition system in 2020, and there was no mid -crown team.

Yanjing Brewery 2021 China Football Association Cup starts from the qualification competition to the semi -finals adopting the competition system. From July 31st to August 4th last year, the 24th teams of China B have decided 6 to advance to the main match team after two rounds of knockout games. The 18th China A team decided 9 to participate in the main match team from August 18 to 20 to 20 in a single knockout match. Coupled with the winning team of Meizhou Meixian Township, Meizhou Meixian Township, and the 2021 season in the 2020, 32 teams jointly created the 2021 China Football Association Cup. The common participation of the four -level teams once again reflects the concept of “national football”.

Looking back at the territory of the Football Association Cup, from Heilongjiang in the north and Xiamen; from the east, Dandong and Xinjiang in the west, there are teams participating in teams. Some of them are low -level teams, and the epidemic cannot stop their enthusiasm. The FA Cup has changed from the main and away game to the competition system for two consecutive seasons. The concept of creating the participation of the people and grassroots football have never changed.

On the final day of the Football Association Cup, Yanjing Beer 2021 China Football Association Cup “Seed Plan” came to Chengdu Qingyang Experimental Middle School Affiliated Primary School to further implant the “national football” concept into children’s hearts. Sichuan football famous places Zou Yigen, Chengdu Football Youth Training Coach Qian Yingbo, Zhang Chiming, Yanjing Beer, Shida Sports and other guests, giving children football, training facilities and other items, and also conducted a unique football training course with the children. Essence In 2014, under the joint initiative of Yanjing Beer, the Organizing Committee of the China Football Association Cup and the title sponsor, the FA Cup seed plan was officially launched. Each game donated 100 football to key schools in the home area. 43,000, a total of more than 2,000 schools in the country benefited from it. It can be described as the “Spring Seed Milk” in the Football Association, and the Chinese football “tens of thousands of autumn”.

The true character of the hero with weakness and strong recipe

The Football Association Cup was originally with its own cold attributes. As an example, the winner of the “Dark Horse Award” of the Football Association Cup Cup as an example. In the first round, 4: 3 defeated Beijing Guoan, and the eighth finals defeated Chengdu Rongcheng, who did not defeat the Chinese League 2: 1. It has surprised many people to be able to break through the Meizhou Division. This team coached by Li Yi, the former international, was eliminated by the two rounds in the quarter -finals by 6: 7. It reflects “the hemp and spicy of Sichuan cuisine.”

Another Zhongjia team Qingdao Youth Island eliminated the “Eight Champions” Guangzhou team in the first round of the game. The personality of Qingdao people “finished!” Low -level teams that caused the Super League team to be embarrassed and the first round of the first round of Chengdu Rongcheng 6: 5 (90 minutes 1: 1) Guangzhou City, and Taishan, Shandong 1: 0 to Small Nantong Zhiyun.

Newcomer take turns to stage a youth storm

The Football Association Cup is also a dream stage for newcomers to become famous. This is the tradition of the Football Association Cup. Many Chinese Super League, China A and China B Club this season boldly used young players. Some of them welcomed their career on their careers on their careers on the Football Association Cup.

For the 20 -year -old Liu Zhurun, he is no stranger to the first team of Shanghai Harbor. Last season, the AFC Champions League and the Super League this season, Liu Zhurun ​​had a total of three appearances. However, what Liu Zhurun ​​really remembers everyone is the Football Association Cup. In the first round of the Football Association Cup in the quarter -finals, Liu Zhurun, who played for a substitute, played for only five minutes, and gained a virgin ball in his career. Later, the highly anticipated Shanghai Derby, Liu Zhurun, who had experienced such a big scene for the first time, raised his eyebrows again and scored his first goal in Derby. At one time, four substitutes, three goals, for the 20 -year -old Liu Zhurun, the 2021 Football Association Cup is only one starting point.

Cao Jinlong, No. 11 of Meizhou Meixian Township, Meizhou Meixian, also left his name on the Football Association Cup. Although the striker from the Youth Training of the Guangzhou City Team is only 17 years old, in the face of the Songshan Dragon Gate of the Chinese Super League team, Cao Jinlong was not nervous. He scored a goal in 9 minutes in the beginning. This is also his first career of his career. ball.

Some players ushered in the first goal at the FA Cup, while some players got the opportunity to the first show. In the competition with Qingdao Youth Island team, Chen Zeshi of Shandong Taishan team ushered in his career first show. The young man broke the youngest record of the official appearance of the Shandong Taishan team that was maintained by Wang Yongbo at the age of 16 and 239, and the record of the youngest player of the Football Association Cup that Guo Tianyu maintained. He Longhai, who is 16 -year -old in Guangzhou City team, and 20 -year -old Shanghai Shenhua team, also got the opportunity to play the first show in the first team. For these young people, the FA Cup not only allows them to sail. It also brings us a happy youth storm. The Romance of the Three Kingdoms becomes a riding dust

In the A era, the three top three of Beijing, Shandong, and Shanghai won the first five FA Cup championships. Entering the Chinese Super League era, especially in the past four years, Beijing Guoan, Taishan (Luneng) in Shandong (Luneng), and Shanghai Shenhua will perform the “Romance of the Three Kingdoms”.

This season, Luneng won the Football Association Cup for the seventh time -the strongest lineup composed of local players, plus Felryy, Moyus, Sun Junhao, Jadeson, and Delga all played in the championship stage. In the early days, the FA Cup champion was “reserved” early. The first round of Beijing Guoan was in the first round of Jiu Niu, Sichuan, and Shanghai Shenhua stopped the semi -finals, while Shanghai Harbor regretted passing by the cup champion.

已经走过65载的足协杯,意义不仅在于给予不同级别球队提供了同场竞技的平台,而且打通了职业、业余间的壁垒,让年轻人向着梦想出发,把理想中’全民足球’逐步Evolution into reality possibilities.

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