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2019 WTA race fruit: opening in Shenzhen with Shenzhen opening in Shenzhen


WTA Finals move to Shenzhen

The 2019 WTA season opened with the Shenzhen International Tour, and ended with Shenzhen WTA year -end finals:

2002 — 2018 WTA schedule:

Time event level champion Sai Guo
12.29-1.05 Hopman Cup International Internet Connect Switzerland
12.30-1.05 Shenzhen Open International Tour Sabaronka detailed
12.31-1.05 Brisbane top tour Card-Pricekova detailed
12.31-1.05 Auckland International Tour Gelgus </TD Forecast

1.07-1.12 Sydney top tour Kovitova detailed
1.07-1.12 Hobarts International Tour Kenning detailed
1.14-1.27 Australian Tennis Open Grand Slam competition Osaka Naomi detailed
1.28-2.03 St. Petersburg top tour Beltenz detailed
1.28-2.03 Huaxin Sai International Tour Jacustremska detailed
2.09-2.10 Federation Cup International Internet Connect review
2.11-2.16 Qatar “ top tour Meltenz detailed
2.17-2.23 Dubai Super Five Series Bencic detailed
2.18-2.24 Hungary International Tour Fan-Utevanke detailed
2.25-3.02 Akaprko International Tour Wang Yan detailed
3.06-3.17 Indian Velms Crown Tournament Andorisku detailed
3.19-3.30 Miami Crown Tournament Batty detailed
4.01-4.07 Montered International Tour Muguzha detailed
4.01-4.07 Charston race top tour Kais detailed
4.08-4.14 Bogo competition International Tour Ancimov detailed
4.08-4.14 Lugaro International Tour Herkig detailed
4.20-4.21 Union Cup semi -final International Internet Connect review review
4.22-4.28 Stuttgart top tour Kovitova detailed
4.22-4.28 Istanbul International Tour Maltic detailed
4.29-5.04 Prague International Tour Tyhiman detailed
4.29-5.04 Labarts International Tour Sakari detailed
5.04-5.11 Madrid Crown Tournament Beltenz detailed
5.13-5.19 Roman Super Five Card-Pricekova detailed
5.19-5.25 Strasbourg International Tour IELESTramsca detailed
5.19-5.25 Nuremberga International Tour Pintarda detailed
5.26-6.08 French Tennis Open Grand Slam competition Batty detailed

International Tour Liske detailed
6.10-6.16 Nottingham International Tour Garcia detailed
6.17-6.23 Mallorca International Tour Kenning detailed
6.17-6.23 Birmingham top tour Batty detailed
6.23-6.29 East top tour Card-Pricekova detailed
7.01-7.13 Wimbledon Tennis Championship Grand Slam competition Halep detailed
7.15-7.21 Lausanne International Tour Fero detailed
7.15-7.21 Bucharta International Tour Libakina detailed
7.22-7.28 Latvia International Tour Sevastova detailed
7.22-7.28 Palemo International Tour Tyhiman detailed
7.29-8.04 Washington International Tour Portra detailed
7.29-8.04 Santa Saisai top tour Zheng Sai Sai detailed
8.05-8.11 Rogers Cup Super Five Andorisku detailed
8.12-8.18 Cincinna Super Five Kais detailed
7.19-8.25 Brencs International Tour Rinete detailed
8.26-9.07 U.S. Tennis Open Grand Slam competition Andorisku detailed
9.09-9.15 Zhengzhou race top tour Card-Pricekova detailed
9.09-9.15 Hiroshima International Tour Nikko Nagya detailed
9.09-9.15 Nanchang competition International Tour Peterson detailed
9.16-9.22 Osaka Sai top tour Osaka Naomi detailed
9.16-9.21 Guangzhou race International Tour Kenning detailed
9.16-9.22 Seoul International Tour Muhova detailed
9.22-9.28 Wuhan race Super Five Sabaronka detailed
9.23-9.28 Tashkenda International Tour Fan-Utevanke detailed
9.28-10.06 China Tennis Open Crown Tournament Osaka Naomi detailed
10.07-10.13 Tianjin race International Tour Petsen detailed
10.07-10.13 Links Sai International Tour Gao Fu detailed
10.14-10.20 Moscow top tour Bencic Details
10.14-10.20 Luxembourg International Tour Ostpengko detailed
10.22-10.27 Zhuhai Super Elite Tournament Super elite competition Sabaronka detailed
10.27-11.03 Shenzhen year -end finals year -end finals Batty detailed
11.09-11.10 Federation Cup final International Internet Connect France detailed
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