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2-3 Regret the opponent Kunlun Hongxing Orean’s style stubbornly won respect


Kunlun Hongxing Orekin team loses still

On November 3, 2018, the Kunlun Hongxing Orkin Ice Hockey Team in the 21st game of Srhl (SRHL) in the Silk Road, 2: 3 regretted the opponent South Ural team, although it failed to last two days ago home home. The momentum of the first victory, but the overall confrontation ability, desire for victory, and the outstanding performance of Chinese players and Chinese players in the game, and the outstanding performance of Chinese players and Chinese players still won the respect of the opponent and the home fans’ applause. The sports center allowed Beijing Ice fans to have a pleasant weekend.

After the last game defeated the Gorniak with an absolute advantage of 5: 3, the team looked forward to pursuing the victory and make persistent efforts in this round. In this campaign, the Kunlun Hongxing Orekin Ice Hockey team showed a strong desire to win. In the first quarter, Huang Qianyi scored the ball with a long shot and scored the first. Fight for festival. In the second quarter, the two sides were fighting in the capture. The guest team seized the opportunity in the counterattack, scored two goals to overtake the score to 3: 1; however At that time, the Biography of the Popularity, Situ Yongen rewritten the score to 2: 3. Entering the third quarter, Kunlun Hongxing Orein chased his points at all, and frequently attacked in front of the opponent, and once pressed the opponent’s attack, but eventually failed to convert the offensive into the score, and eventually lost 2: 3 to the opponent South Ural team.


Players on both sides fiercely confront

According to the ranking, this round of opponents South Ural participated in a total of 19 games, with 14 points. At present, the league ranking is 23rd. In the ranking, there are not many teams leading Kunlun Hongxing Orekin, but the league definitely belongs to The strong and strong roof is strong and fierce. In the face of the enemy, the home team has no weakness and the performance is remarkable. Compared with the first round of the home, the combat power has improved significantly: 1. The ability to confront the ability is significantly improved. Always fight against the opponent with a hard and hard -touched situation; second, the desire for offensive is strong. If you have a chance, you will put pressure on the opponent’s goal. Even in the third section of the backward section, it will cause danger in front of the opponent’s door many times. The potential of Chinese players is being stimulated. In this game, the two goals of Kunlun Hongxing Orekin Ice Hougainy team were scored by Chinese players and Chinese players.

In response, the head coach of the South Ural team Oleg Chelkasov said in an interview that the young Kunlun Hongxing Orekin has great potential. I studied their last 5 goals and performed well well. The style of the team is also very tenacious. Last year, I have seen some players of this team, but today they have changed a lot, and this season will help them continue to improve and improve.

Kunlun Hongxing Orekin Ice Power Team’s home coach Balkov Alexander pointed out that although the team is constantly improving, it is still too young to continue to improve their experience and reduce mistakes so that the team can go further further Essence

In the first quarter, Huang Qianyi, who scored a goal of the team in the first quarter, accepted the reporter’s interview: We need to score the goal. Although we did not win this game, everyone saw that we were in our hearts and seeking the desire to win. Future is full of confidence.


Kunlun Hongxing Orekin Team No. 88 scored the first goal

The first victory of the play and the desire to survive and tenacious style shown in this place began to win the fans’ affirmation of the home team. Passion.


On -site fans cheer

As the Beijing Winter Olympics approach the increasingly approach and the national “300 million people on the ice and snow” policy call, more and more people have begun to pay attention to ice and snow sports. Ice hockey is used as a team combat item in the ice and snow project, becoming a team of many children participating in sports. New options. The scene of this game also attracted many children and parents in Beijing to watch. Parents at the scene said: “Ice hockey is a sports. I prefer to understand it as an educational method, because in all sports, the ice hockey project is fast, the power is full of strength, full of collision, and can directly exercise a person’s person’s. Responses. In addition, there will be winning or winning. If you win, it can reflect the significance of unity; if you lose, it will reflect frustration education. Teach children to learn from experience and motivation from failure, re -establish confidence, and hope for life. Complete positive energy education. “

Similarly, for the new Kunlun Hongxing Orekin Ice Hockey team, the process may not be so perfect, but the progress is obvious to all. As a young team, you still need to experience the precipitation of experience and experience to cope with more competition status. The Silk Road Super Ice Hockey League (SRHL) provides a platform for Chinese professional ice hockey teams and Chinese ice hockey talents. The event is the China International Cultural Communication Center to respond to General Secretary Xi Jinping’s “Belt and Road” initiative. The new international ice hockey league jointly formed by the China Ice Hockey Association and the Russian Ice Hockey Association is the first multinational professional league in China. In the world’s third largest ice hockey league, I believe that the Kunlun Hongxing Orekin Ice Hockey team will break the ice and experience growth. Through the Thousands of End of SRHL and other events, more and more Chinese ice hockey power is united. In the future, more Kunlun Hongxing Orekin Ice Hockey team players will shine on the stage of the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics. And more Chinese audiences will fall in love with this “speed and passion” ice and snow sports.


Kunlun Hongxing Orean team home

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