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15 people in the 15th -person lottery alliance 5.86 million gods and sons finally show God’s power

On the evening of November 13, the two -color ball 1.2 billion prizes were in full swing. In the current national national prize, the 50 -injection well sprayed. In our province, four lottery people are lucky to hit first prize and first prize special prize. Data show that these four lottery people are selected for each other.

God’s computing son is low -key to lead the prize only focuses on the number selection

The next afternoon, the prize winner from Xinghua City, Taizhou took the lead in the provincial Fucai Center. According to previous reports from Taizhou Fucai, he thought he was a middle -aged man who was 50 years old. As everyone knows, when the scene of the mysterious veil was revealed, he found that the winner was not only the middle -aged man. He stood behind him with a team. It turned out that the lottery story of the lottery of the lottery was staged again!

This 9+1 duplex ticket costs 168 yuan, a total of more than 5.86 million yuan, men, women, and children behind the major prize. Some are asking about the matters, and some are excited to chat, one of which is particularly noticeable: I saw his brows locked, holding a double -color ball in his hand, murmuring to himself, and painted the circle. “This is the gods of our award!” The young man introduced enthusiastically. It turns out that this is the middle -aged person who does not forget to warm up the betting skills when he receives the prize.

God Music End finally shows the Harmony of the Gods and Purchase Lottery Group

According to the guy, the surname of this god is Wu. They have been in the lottery for many years with their partnership and their partnership. They have already established a firm friendship. Every time the number was selected, Mr. Wu decided, and then crowdfunded to him to buy lottery betting. When I was curious about asking Mr. Wu how to confirm this reciprocating betting, when he locks the winning number with only one blue ball, he only said six words: “From quantitative change to qualitative change.” As a senior technology school, his status in the Lottery Alliance can be described as a hundred responses, and the number of numbers and betting methods is basically “one words.” Many years of color markets are ups and downs. Regardless of the selected number, the winner has no complaints. Mr. Wu didn’t say much. In the typical action, he showed us the self -made number analysis manual that was carried with him. The dense numbers of various colors jumped on the paper and marked with different colors. Mr. Wu said that this is his experience of buying lottery for many years, and it is also the cornerstone of the technical support and trust of the Lottery Alliance. Speaking of which, the guy on the side couldn’t help but intervene: “Indeed, our lottery alliance, some people come, some people go, some people follow the multiple periods, some people have just come to a few issues. I won the award. Just like the random fate of Cai City, they come and go freely, but they are all real friends. “When asked whether the winner of the winner, Mr. Wu, will be divided. Swaying, “No, when I also have a number of numbers, everyone did not care.” In just a word, the true meaning of partnership was revealed: everyone raised the firewood and the flames were high. As the saying goes, the view of consumption is as important as the three views, and the lottery investment depends on the consumer outlook on consumer: buying lottery, winning the prize to share, and the risk shared.

It is understood that a total of fifteen buyers who participated in the National Awards League. Nearly half of the people did not arrive at the scene for their reasons, and they were awarded by the people in the league on their behalf. When I talked about it, Mr. Wu, Mr. Wu, smiled and asked: “This big prize lottery is to buy and keep it alone. Why do you have so many people?” Such a character, the winning story of Mr. Wu’s winning alliance has given the best interpretation.

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