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148 Issue Yunhe Double Color Ball Forecast Number: Red Ball size trend analysis

The 2022147th prize number of the two -color ball is: 02 03 07 13 20 30; Blue Ball 10.The size ratio of the red ball number is 2: 4, the three district ratio is 3: 2: 1, and the strange ratio is 3: 3.Red ball harmony: 75, spacing: 1, 4, 6, 7, 10.

Comprehensive analysis of two -color ball red ball:

Head and tail analysis: The leader in the last 10 periods 4 appeared in 01-04, and the 6th phase appeared above 05. The leader opened 02 in the previous period, which was 4 points from the previous point.06.In the past 10 periods, Phoenix Tail opened 1 period between 10-19, 4 issues between 20-29, 5 periods between 30-35, and the Phoenix tail was opened in the previous period.At 1 point, this issue is expected to rise. It is optimistic about the 33 -character Fengwei appearing. The recommended number is 33.

Analysis of size trend: In the previous period, the size ratio was 2: 4, the last 10 issues accounted for 55%, the trumpet accounted for 45%, and the large ball trend was hotter.In this issue, the size of the size is flat, and the recommended size ratio is 3: 3.

Analysis of the Uncamelon: In the previous issue, the strange ratio was 3: 3, the strange number number of numbers was flat, and the recent 10 issue of the strange ratio was 37:23.In this issue, the even number is hot, and it is recommended that the strange even 2: 4.

Heavy number trend: 2 heavy numbers were issued in the previous period; the number of heavy numbers in the last 10 periods and 10 issues, and the heavy number of the last 7 periods and 7 issues will be issued. It is expected that the heavy number will not appear in this issue.

Company number analysis: In the last 10 periods, the consecutive numbers are issued. The continuous number trend is relatively hot. It is expected that the continuous number will not appear in this issue.

Better value analysis: The last 10 periods and values appeared between 74-143.It is expected that this period and value are high, and it is optimistic that it will appear around 110.

Comprehensive analysis of two -color ball blue ball:

The blue ball was 10 in the previous period, which was even and large.

Analysis of the size: In the recent trend of the trend in the past 10 periods, 6 times appeared in large numbers, the decimals appeared 4 times, the large trend was hot, and the small trend was cold.

Opinion analysis: In the recent trend, the odds have appeared for 6 periods, and the number of occasional numbers appeared in 4 periods.One code blue ball comprehensive recommendation: 05.

Comprehensive recommendation of double -color balls in this issue:

Recommend 15 red balls: 03 05 06 07 10 12 13 14 18 22 25 27 30 32 33

Recommend 5 blue balls: 03 05 07 11 15

Selected 9+2 Recommendation: 05 06 10 14 18 22 25 27 33+03 05

Stick -up note: 06 10 14 22 27 33+05

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