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145 Issue Lao Zheng Shuang Color Ball Forecast Number: Red Ball Small Middle Da Tail Analysis

Lottery retrospective: Fucai dual color ball 2022144 Phase: 07 20 22 23 31 32+05, of which 4 small tail numbers are issued: 20 22 31 32, 1 middle tail number appears, 1 large tail number appears:07.The number of blue balls is the middle tail.

In the last period, 4 small tail numbers were opened. The performance of the small tail number was very active. The first 10 small tail number opened 15, and the performance was relatively low. This issue is not optimistic about the small tail number to make up.21 22.

In the previous period, a medium tail number appeared, and the medium tail number appeared relatively small. The mid -tail number appeared 20 in the past 10 periods. The trend was relatively weak. In this issue, pay attention to the middle tail number gradually replenished. Follow the number: 05 06 15 26.

There were 1 large tail number in the last period, and the number of issues was relatively small. In the past 10 periods, the large tail number opened 25, and the proportion appeared high. Pay attention to the big tail number gradually turned cold., Follow Number: 07 08 27 28 29.

The previous blue ball number was 05, which was the middle tail blue ball. There were two small tail blue balls, 7 mid -tail blue balls, 1 large tail blue ball, and small tail blue balls in the last 10 periods.Proper attention to the small tail blue ball supplement, refer to the blue ball 12.

Lao Zhengfu color double color ball No. 2022145 Reference number Reference:

Blue ball number reference: 10 11 12 13 14

Red ball gallbladder reference: 06 10 15

15 yards red ball duplex: 01 05 06 07 08 10 13 15 21 22 26 27 28 29

Double color ball single bet number: 01 05 06 10 15 27+12

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