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142 Issue Cai Sister Double Color Ball Forecast Number: Red Ball with the same end analysis

Last prize: The 2022141 Phase number of the two -color ball is: 05 12 13 17 20 27+14. There are heavy numbers, consecutive codes, and the same tail number. The blue ball appears in the fourth zone.

The two -color ball No. 2022139 (Sunday last week) is: 06 07 09 16 17 19+14, without heavy numbers, there is a joint code, there is the same tail number, and the blue ball is distributed in the fourth zone.

Cai Sister Double Color Ball Issue 2022142 Sunday Award Number Analysis:

Red Ball Code Analysis: In the past 10 weeks, there are 8 -phase prizes that include a combination of code, and the code performance is relatively active.Out, refer to the combination of connection code: 03 04, 25 26.

Red ball analysis: In the past 10 weeks, there are 8 -period prize number containing the same tail red ball. A total of 24 red balls with the same tail. The number of red balls in the same tail red ball is 40%.Tail red ball: 06 16, 07 17, 09 19, this Sunday is expected to continue to play the same tail red ball, refer to the same tail red ball: 11 31.

Repeated red ball analysis: In the past 10 weeks, there were 5 issues of the award number of last week. A total of 8 heavy numbers were issued. The number of heavy numbers appeared 13%. Last Sunday last week did not open the heavy number.This week’s Sunday is expected to continue to be cold, and give up the red ball number that has been opened last Sunday.

Blue ball analysis: In the past 10 weeks of Sunday, the distribution ratio of blue balls is 3: 2: 3: 2. Last Sunday last week, the blue ball number was 14. This Sunday is expected to appear in the first zone on Sunday. Refer to the blue ball number 01.

Cai Sister No. 2022142, the blessing color dual color ball award number recommendation:

Red ball gallbladder reference: 03 04 31

Red ball killing number Reference: 05 06 08 13 15 20 21 30

Five -yard blue ball reference: 01 07 10 12 16

Double -color ball Democratic Recommendation: 03 04 07 10 11 14 16 22 24 25 26 28 32+01 07 10 12 16

Cai Sister Single 6+1 Out: 03 04 11 25 26 31+01

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