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142 Fan Qiuyu Double Color Ball Prediction Award: Size ratio analysis

The ball is even.

Analysis of red ball and value: The most recent red balls and values are all distributed in the 74-140 range.Value 94, the sum of the sum of 7 points, the attention and value of the value of this period rose, and appeared between 120-129.

Analysis of red ball repeated numbers: 2 repetition numbers were issued in the previous period: 20 and 27. In the first 9th phase of the prize, there were 7 issues including the repetitive number.Award number, 1 duplicate number is expected to appear in this issue, refer to the previous red ball: 17.

Red ball size ratio analysis: The total number of red balls in the last nine periods is 29:25, of which 3 large red balls are dominant.In the period, the size ratio of the red ball in the previous period is 3: 3, which is expected to dominate the large number in this issue, and is optimistic about 4: 2.

Blue ball analysis: The blue ball award number 14 was launched in the previous period, which is even and large. The last nine period of the blue ball is 6: 3, and the strange ratio is 3: 6.01, 05, 07, 13.

Fan Qiuyu Two -color Ball Comprehensive Recommendation:

Red ball gallbladder reference: 11 17 30

Red Ball Kill Number Reference: 05 06 14 16 20 26

Double -color ball reciprocating: 01 03 04 08 10 11 17 19 23 25 27 28 33+01 02 05 07 13

Double color ball 6+1 Recommendation: 10 11 17 19 30 33+13

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