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14.5 than 10.5 Morrinali led the European Union to win the Hero Cup

On January 16th, Beijing time, Francesco Molinari raised the Hero Cup in front of the European Union players.

Now he wants to win a larger group competition, and this year, he was held at the Ryders Cup in Italy in his motherland this year.

“This is a great inspiration for me,” said Francisco Morrinali after led the European Union to defeat the British Ai Alliance 14.5 to 10.5.

“The distance between the Ryder Cup is still far away. There are many games here. I need to focus on my own ball. But my current ball is much better than before. It is incredible to be able to play in Rome.”

In Abu Dhabi, Francisco Molinali himself contributed a huge contribution. He scored 3.5 points throughout the week, flattened the highest score in four links.On Sunday, his first group set off, winning 3 holes and 2 holes in the world’s highest world ranking, Shane Lowry, laid the foundation for the European Union to win the championship.

When the European Union started Sunday, 8.5 to 6.5, ahead of 2 points, and the single -player of the finals won again 6 to 4, doubled the gap between the two sides to 4 points.

Adrian Meronk pushed a 25-foot push rod on the 18th hole and defeated Callum Shinkwin to win a point for the European Union.This is also the only time Polish players scored this week.

Although the Hero Cup was held in the first year, it continued the concept of the Seve Trophy. It was launched between the European Union and the British Love Union.A generation of players provide a basis for him to choose the players.This year is more important than any time, because a group of European veterans, such as Pault, Vestwood and Garcia to join Saudi Arabia’s Liv Golf, are very likely to not participate in the Roman European and American confrontation.

Luke Donald knows 40-year-old Francisco-Morrinali.The Grand Slam champion became the Star of the European team in Paris in 2018.At that time, he and Tommy Fleetwood were combined into a invincible team.

Since then, Francisco-Molinali has some landslides, and the world ranking has even fell out of the top 200, but he believes that he is on the road to revival.

Obviously, Luke Donald also wanted to fully understand another Italian player: 25-year-old Guido Migliozzi, and his contemporary player.

Quandoloz, Victor Perez, Nicolai Hojgaard (Nicolai Hojgaard) scored 3.5 points like Francisco Molinali.The British Ai Union player Robert Macintyre scored 3 points, which was the same as the captain Tommy Flitwood.

Francisco Morrinal’s defeat of Sharne Lauri also means that the Irish people have not received the whole week.After them, Victor Perraz wins 4 holes in 4 holes to defeat Jordan Smith.Nichole-Hyogin 1 to defeat Seamus Power.The last group of Quedo Migoloz won 4 holes in the left 3 holes to defeat Richard Mansell.

But in the end, Edrian Meilongk won 1 hole to win, allowing the European Union to score 13 points.

“I would say that European golf is now in a batch of good masters,” Francisco Molinali said.

Robert McGonar became the rising star of the British Ai Alliance, and the Scottish wins 5 holes in 3 holes to defeat Alex Noren.Starting the second group of Tommy Flitwood, winning 3 holes in the remaining 2 holes to defeat Thomas Pieters.After the personal game, he immediately returned to the field to support the teammates of the British Love Union.

At the award ceremony, Tommy Flitwood congratulated the European United Union, but he joked that he really congratulated “gritted teeth”.In any case, he worked hard to see a big aspect.

“In September two years ago, the first thing we talked about was to have the opportunity to play more team golf and have such an opportunity,” he said.”The passion of all of us has been vented.”

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