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134 players from 45 teams of Yangfan, China Family Family Sailing Race, participated in the competition

Xinhua News Agency, Shenzhen, November 13th. 2021 China Family Sailing Race Poly Shenzhen Station on the 13th in Shenzhen Xiyong Resort on the 13th. This is the third consecutive year in Shenzhen. The competition on this site lasted for two days. There are two groups: Hobie Getaway and Hobie T2. A total of 134 players with 45 teams participated in the record of the number of participants in the station.

“The concept of the family sails is very good in the competition, which has a great promotion effect on the promotion of sailing sports. To understand the sea as the media, enjoy the fun of the sea in the atmosphere of the family and the fun. Great help. “Wen Liyue, deputy director of the Cultural Radio, Television Tourism and Sports Bureau of Dapeng New District, Shenzhen Dapeng New District.

Pei Jiayou, the helmsman of the Jiayou refueling team, who participated in the first year this year, was only 8 years old and participated in the competition with his parents. Before the game, he had learned a single -person OP for a year. According to his parents, he was not smooth on the road to participating: “When learning OP sailing is about a year, because he was afraid that he suddenly wanted to give up, and we did not know how to guide it. Later, the coach gave him a lot of help. Help him develop targeted training plans and long -term goals, and make a lot of efforts in cultivating a sense of security, so that he gradually regains confidence. This time, participating in the home sailing competition is also one of the training plans to help him understand the sailing competition more deeply. Significance, learn to formulate navigation strategies, improve navigation skills, and become a courageous qualified captain. “

This event is hosted by the China Sailing Winning Sports Association, hosted by the Shenzhen Sailing Winning Sports Association and Shenzhen Haikuo Ocean Sports Development Co., Ltd. (Finish)

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