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134 Phase Double Bing Double Color Ball Forecast Number: Red Ball Large Phoenix Tail Reference

Lottery retrospective: Fucai dual color ball 2022133 lottery lottery: 05 08 16 17 21 25+12.

Three -level analysis: In the same period of the same period of the same period of history, the three districts of the red ball area were 34:35:33, and the number of three districts was basically the same. There are one interruption area in the second district, and there are more than 3 phenomena. There is no disconnection in the history of the Red Third District in history, and there are no prizes with more than 3 red balls. The same period this year is optimistic about the three districts. It is expected that the three district ratio is 2: 1: 3.

Opinion analysis: In the history of the same period, the red -ball strange ratio is 47:55, and the proportion of the even numbers is higher. Among them, the Quanqi combination did not appear. There were 5 periods of the phenomenon of the hot numbers. The all -duty combination was not opened. There were 7 periods of history of the same period of the same period. Last year, the 134th red ball strange ratio was 4: 2, of which the strange number number was relatively hot. It is expected that the odd numbers will continue to be hot in the same period this year.

Heat analysis: In the 134th issue of the year, the scope of the red ball and the value in the range of 56-133, the range of the value fluctuations is large, and the value of the value is 7 times, the proportion is relatively low. In the same period of this year, it was noticed that the large and value appeared in the same period this year, and the expected range of the value was between 103-113.

First and tail analysis: In the same period of the year, the pitch of the red ball of the red ball appeared between 19-30, and the spacing of the first tail was widely distributed. Proper attention, the faucet Feng Tail number reference 01 30.

Blue Ball analysis: The blue ball 08 was 2 blue balls in the same period last year. In the history of the same period, the blue ball number 012 was 7: 7: 3, of which the proportion of 0 road numbers and 1 number appeared as high as 82%. The same period this year The blue ball is expected to continue 0 or 1 road, and the reference number is 03 09 13 15.     

Ganbing Fucai Double Color Ball No. 2022134 Phase Number Forecast:

Red ball faucet Phoenix tail reference: 01 30

Reference for three red balls: 2: 1: 3

Fucai dual color ball 15+5 duplex number reference: 01 02 06 07 11 16 17 18 20 26 29 29 30 32+03 09 13 15

Double color ball No. 2022134 Selected one bet number: 01 06 17 25 29 30+09

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