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134 Issue Tanglong Grand Lotto Forecast Number: Reference in the front area

Lottery retrospective: Big Lotto 22133 Phase Number is: 01 02 14 30 31+06 09.

No. 1: Historically, the prize number in the same period is distributed in sections 01-11, of which the award number is 8: 6, and the proportion of the odd number number is basically the same; : 3, the quality number is strong, the reference number 02 in this period.

No. 2: In the same period, this bit appeared in the 02-18 range, of which the number of the number was 6: 8, the strange number number was equivalent; the size ratio was 1:13, the small trend was hot; 7. The quality of the quality combination is equivalent to the frequency.

No. 3 ball: Historically, the prize number appeared between 06-31, of which the number of the number was 10: 4, the odd number was obviously hot; The quality number is obviously hot, and the number of attention in this issue is 23.

No. 4: In the same period, this bit number is distributed in the 11-32 range, of which the award number is 6: 8, and the trend of the strange coupling number is basically flat; For 5: 9, the number of margin numbers is relatively hot. The reference number 27 in this issue.

Fifth ball: In the same period of history, the number of sections 17-35, of which the award number is 8: 6, the strange number number is equivalent; For 2:12, the proportion of quality numbers is low. This bit of attention is 35.

Back zone span analysis: In the same period of history, the span ratio of the rear area is 10: 4, of which even the number span is less. In this period, the anti -number span is supplemented, and the reference span 6.

Recommended by Tanglong Da Lotto No. 2022134:

Reference in the front area: 02 04 06 07 13 17 21 23 25 26 28 34 34 35

Removal number in the front area: 03 05 09 11 12 16 18 24

Five code reference in the back area: 01 05 07 09 11

Tang Long Single Recommendation: 02 17 23 27 35+01 07

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