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134 Issue Bingzi Double -color Ball Forecast Award: Blue Ball Mass Combination Analysis

Review of the last issue: The 2022133 prize number of the two -color ball is: 05 08 16 17 21 25+12, the red ball mass ratio is 2: 4, the size ratio is 3: 3, the blue ball is: the number, the large number.

Definition: The third place in the red ball, greater than 14 is a high number, less than 15 is the low.

The third place in the previous issue was 16, which was a high number. The last 9th issue has appeared above 14 or more, and the frequency appears significantly. This period is expected to continue to issue a high number and pay attention to the number 20.

Definition: The fourth place in the red ball, greater than 19 as a high number, less than 20 as a low number.

The fourth place opened 17 in the previous period. After the low position, after the low red ball continued to heat, the current period is to pay attention to the wheel. It is expected that the red ball will gradually rise. Focus on the high red ball opening and pay attention to the red ball 21.

Red ball quality synthetic analysis: In the previous period, the red ball quality combined ratio was 2: 4, and the quality digits performed relatively cold. In the last 9 periods , Reference Quality Complex 3: 3.

Blue ball quality combination analysis: The previous issue of blue ball 12, the number number, the number of the number of blue balls, obviously heated, it is expected to not get cold in the short term. In this issue 06.

Buyouzi Fucai Shuang color ball No. 2022134 prize number recommendation

Red ball gallbladder reference: 20, 21

Red ball quality combination reference: 3: 3

Exclude red ball 6 yards: 06 12 15 18 31 33

5 yards blue ball reference: 01 02 03 06 16 16

15 yards red ball reference: 02 03 04 05 08 10 11 19 20 23 24 27 29 32

Double color ball, one bet number reference: 02 03 20 21 27 29+06

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