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133 Edition of the Dynasties Da Lotto Forecast Number: Cold Code Analysis of the front area

Review of the last issue: The 2022132 prize number of Da Lotto is: 02 27 30 34 35+09 12, the number of missing periods of each number is: 0 period, 16, 7, 2, period 2, period 2, issue 7, 7 The total value of the front zone is 27 periods, and the total value of the omissions in the back zone is 19.

Analysis of Cold Temperature Hot Code of Cold Temperature and Hot Code of Cold Temperature of Dai Tian Da Lotto: (illegal 0-3 periods are hot codes, 4-9 phase prizes are warm codes, and 10 and above prizes are cold codes)

Analysis of the hot code in the front area: 3 appeared in the previous period of the hot code in the front area. There are 14, which is expected to be the same as the theory in the previous area. Pay attention to the hot code 02, 23, and 35.

Analysis of the warm code in the front area: 1 in the front area of ​​the zone was issued: 30, the proportion of the occurrence was low, the warm code was opened in the last 10 periods, and 5 appeared in the last 5 periods. It is expected that the warm code is sluggish, and the temperature code is 20.

Analysis of the cold code in the front area: 1 thawing in the previous period of cold code: 27, the cold code has signs of thawing. In the last 10 periods, the cold code thawed 10 in the past 10 periods, 6 in the past 5th issue of the district thawing of the district The signs are very obvious. This issue is optimistic about the cold code to thaw 1 and pay attention to the cold code 12.

Analysis of the back zone: The prize number was issued in the previous period: 09+12. At present, the number of cold temperature and hot codes in the rear area is 2: 3: 7. Pay attention to the combination of cold codes and thermal code in the back zone. 08.

Recommended Recommended Issue 2022133 Recommendation:

8 yards in the front area: 01 05 10 15 16 22 29 32

Ahead of the region: 12 23

Kill 5 yards in the back zone: 02 03 07 10 12

Five yards reference in the back area: 01 05 08 09 11

Big Lotto 15+5 Duplex Recommendation: 02 03 04 09 12 18 20 21 23 24 27 30 33 35+05 08 09 11

Da Leyou Single Note Reference: 02 12 20 23 35+01 08

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