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132 Issue Bukou Big Lotto Forecast Number: 9+2 Small Patient Analysis

Last lottery: Dalo Lotto No. 2022131 is: 02 06 08 10 17+05 06, the front zone number and value are 43, the span is 15, the strange coupling ratio is 1: 4, no heavy number, the five district ratio is 2 : 2: 1: 0: 0.

Analysis of the Earlier Earlier Earlier of Lotto 22132:

Last analysis: The last issue of the leading number was 02. Pay attention to the repeated appearance of the leading number in this issue.

Phoenix Tail Analysis: The Phoenix Tail Number 17 was opened in the previous period. This issue is optimistic about the rise of Fengwei numbers and pay attention to Fengwei 28.

Better value analysis: The sum of the sum of the sum of the previous period was 43, a decrease of 25 points. The attention and the value of the value in this period are expected to be opened between 60-70.

Analysis: The even account for the prevalence of the first period. The prevalence of this issue is expected to continue to dominate.

Analysis of heavy numbers: There is no heavy number in the previous period. Pay attention to the heavy number in this period, follow the heavy number: 02.

Analysis of the fifth area of ​​the front zone: The proportion of numbers in the first and second zones of the previous period is relatively high, and the number of fourth and fifth areas of the number of numbers. This issue is expected to be hot in the second zone, and the fifth area number is short. Pay attention to the 5: 2: 1: 1: 0.

Analysis of the post -zone of the 2022132

Analysis of the back zone: There is no large number in the previous period. Pay attention to the large replenishment in this issue, refer to two yards: 08 09.

Comprehensive Recommendation of the 2022132 Issue 2022132

Ahead of the region: 11 28

Reference: 01 02 05 11 12 13 14 16 22 24 28 34+03 08 09 09 10

9+2 small duplex: 02 05 11 12 16 24 28 30 34+08 09

5+2 single note: 02 11 12 16 28+08 09

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