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13 people in the England Qualifications are promoted to 10 people to go out of White and swept away


Pang Junxu 4-0 Barry-Pycus

In the early morning of October 31st, Beijing time, the last day of the 2022 Snooker England Open Qualifications. A total of 7 Chinese players fought on the day. As a result, only Xu Si and Pang Junxu were promoted to the main competition. Zhou Yuelong, Li Xing, Zhang Health, Lu Haotian and Hong Kong Hong Kong player Li Junwei were all eliminated. In addition, the World Championships Six Asia King and England veterans Jimmy White were swept out of 0-4.

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2022 Snooker England Open Qualifications Last Game Day Complete Fruit

The 2022 Snooker England Open Qualifications was held in the MorningSide Arena in Leiceside Arena, England. A total of 131 people were scheduled to play a total of 67 qualifications. Among them, a total of 47 games were performed during the qualifying match, and 20 other games will be played during the match (December 12-18).

All the qualifications adopt a 7th game and 4 wins. The first 5 days in the first 5 days, 4 times per day, 2 games each time; the last 1 day, 7 games, and 1 game in the fourth time.

Including Fu Jiajun, Li Junwei, and Wu Anyi, including the three Chinese Hong Kong players, 27 Chinese players should have participated in the competition of the qualifying competition. Among them, the three games of Fu Jiajun, Zhao Xintong and Yan Bingtao will be played during the competition. However, Liang Wenbo was temporarily suspended before the game, and only 26 people would play in the event.

In the first 5 days of the qualifying, in addition to Liang Wenbo, who was banned on the spot, a total of 16 Chinese players appeared. Ding Junhui, Chen Zifan, Lei Peifan, Chang Bingyu, Tian Pengfei, Wu Yize, Yuan Sijun, Lu Ning, Cao Yupeng, Zhang Anda, and Fan Zhengyi successfully advanced to the main competition. Five people in Hong Kong’s female general Wu Anyi were eliminated.

A total of 7 Chinese players appeared on the 6th competition day. In the first time, Zhou Yuelong, Xu Si and Li Xing were playing. As a result, Xu Si made a large score of 4-2 to 60+ with 2 shots and 60+. After missing one game point, he defeated Zhou Yuelong, who made 1 shot from a hundred and 1 shot. Li Xing scored 0-4 by a large score of 0-4, swept by Wales player Dilan Emery, and missed the game.


Zhang Health 2-4 Hussein-Vofi

The second time was Zhang Health and Pang Junxu. On the No. 1 table, Zhang Jiankang welcomed Iranian player Hussein-Vafifer. In the game, although Zhang Health lost 2 innings first, with 2 shots 60+, with 37-84, 33-59, 82 (69) -0 and 73 (73) -32 At the critical moment, Wafi also played 2 shots 60+, winning 2 games with 117 (70) -4 and 72 (63) -8, and 2 consecutive games.


Pang Junxu 4-0 Barry-Pycus

On the No. 2 table, Pang Junxu performed well in the game against England Barry Piccos. Although only 1 shot 60+, with stable performance, he used 66-9, 83 (62) -9,,, he 74-53 and 64-31 win 4 games in a row, and scored 4-0 to break into the top 64.


Li Junwei 2-4 Martin Gurd

Li Junwei, a Chinese Hong Kong player who appeared in the third period, although he won the first game with 1 shot 70+ in the game, but helpless opponents Martin Gurd showed a strong firepower-the England in the next 5 games, With 1 pole of one hundred and 3 shots 50+, the 4 innings were won, and finally 0-80 (74), 108 (68) -22, 126 (104) -1, 60-71, 69 (68)- 1 and 67 (56) -2, a large score of 4-2 wins, advanced to the main match.


Lu Haotian 1-4 Gary-Wilson

Lu Haotian, who appeared in the fourth time, also encountered an outstanding England player G-Wilson. Although the Chinese teenager took a large score of 1-1 with a single shot of 79 points, in the end, G-Wilson took 72 (62) -41, 0-79 (79), 87-21 with 72 (62) -41, 0-79 (79). , 71 (53) -33 and 74 (74) -47, the score of 4-1 won, advanced to the main match.


Jimmy-White 0-4 Fraser-Patrick

In addition, in a game that did not have Chinese players on the day, although the World Championships, the King of the World Championships, the veteran Jimmy White of England, played 1 shot 50+, but still used 22-93 (64), 30-70 (55), 62, 62, 62, 62 (54) -84 and 41-59 lost 4 games in a row, and the score of 0-4 was swept by the Scottish player Fraser Patrick and missed the game.

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