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11 consecutive victories!Guangdong rushed to the standings in the second three games and lost only 3 points

On December 30, Beijing time, the 20th round of the CBA regular season, Guangdong 102-84 won Beijing, Guangdong Hao won 11 consecutive victories, rushing to the second place.

In the initial stage of this season, Guangdong has not been smooth. Affected by the epidemic could not play in the first battle of the season and was sentenced to 0-20 lost.

Subsequently, in the third and fourth games of the season, only one point was lost in two consecutive games.In the last battle of the first stage, Guangdong lost to Zhejiang with a difference.

However, in the second stage, Guangdong played the style of the king and won the victory in 11 games. Among them, the David defending champion Liaoning and the current Zhejiang of the Revenge Alliance were given to Zhejiang’s only defeat in Zhejiang this season to the present.Essence

With 11 consecutive victories in the second stage, the Guangdong team killed the standing list to the second place.

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    ZhangJinsong__WinningShangzhangSenate 12月 31, 2022 at 2:35 上午

    Beef is the sky

  2. Bags in Guangdong are five dozens and four.

  3. is a gift from the Basketball Association, otherwise the North Control will lose one more game.

  4. 5-1 = 4

  5. Guangdong is not like Xinjiang in the inside!

  6. Beijing scored 26 points in three foreign aids, Guangdong Ma Shang scored 41 points, and Guangdong was better than foreign aid.

  7. If there is no accident, the Guangdong team has a chance to complete the twelfth crown goal this season.

  8. In addition to the 20 -score of the North Control, the Guangdong team lost three games in three games this season. The strength of the eleven crowns is regrettable!

  9. qi bad shit pits [haha]

  10. | Some people will always use only one data to hack each other.The last time in Guangdong against Beijing, Ma Shang 19 points, Ellis 7 points, and I won. What do you say?

  11. A self -media named Laosha in Liaoning has always said that “there is no competitor at all in Liaoning this year.However, the fact is that Liaoning lost the team and lost the team this year. He lost 15 points in Guangdong.Especially when Shougang competed almost in the chasing score, Shougang played against Guangdong in the chasing score. This is the gap between the Liaoning team and the Guangdong team.

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    Thesadnessandhappinessofsportsfans 12月 31, 2022 at 2:35 上午

    Today the 3 teams in Guangdong have 63 points.Cattle!And three opponents are also counted as strong teams: Shandong, Beijing, Guangsha.浙

  13. also lost a game in Zhejiang (-1).

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