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10 young people worthy of attention 3: Gatrap two into the United States Tour 10

On December 30, Beijing time, although golf is a difficult sports, a potential young player can create a record resume in the next decades.The US Tour official website edited 10 players who were worth noting in 2023 and were under 23 years old. They believed that their future was very promising. The second-ranked player was Chris Gotterup.

January 1, 2023: 23 years old

Settings: Little Silver, New Jersey

At Rutgers in his hometown, Chris Gatrap spent a brilliant college career.He won the Top Ten League of the Year Award and entered the national star team, but he used the additional year to become a star player at the University of Oklahoma.

In the season of Sooners, Chris Gatrap won the Haskins Award and the Nickus Award for the highest honor of college students.He also entered the top ten in the Puerto Rico Open at the same time, although he was only a student of Norman at the time.When he ended the season, he was located in the seventh place in the University of the United States Tour -the ranking of a player in the past two years -quickly proves that he is ready to play in the US tour.

After transferring his career, he entered the top ten in the US tour and won the fourth place in the strong deer elite competition.He was promoted 10 times on the 12th US Tour, including harvesting two top ten.When he started this glorious international season, he guaranteed that he could get a 12 -stop event because he was tied in the third place in the recent qualification school exam.

Ryan Hybl, head coach of Oklahoma, once said that Chris Gatrap’s kick-off “no one can play”.Last season, his average kick -off distance in the US tour was 326.5 yards. Each round, he scored more than half of the score on the kick and attacking the green.

“More importantly, he is quite perseverance and believes that he should belong to it (the US tour),” said Lean-Haibu.

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