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10 young people worthy of attention 2: Kudy family background is unusual

On December 30, Beijing time, although golf is a difficult sports, a potential young player can create a record resume in the next decades.The US Tour official website edited 10 players who were worth noting in 2023 and were under 23 years old. They believed that their future was promising. The second-ranked player was Pierceson Coody.

January 1, 2023: 22 years old

Settings: Texas Plano

Pilson Kody turned into a professional player in 2022. At that time, he was the first golfer in the United States Tour University.He quickly confirmed his name.

Pilson Kudy won only 3 stops and won at the Glorious International Tour.In fact, he just won the fourth place before winning.He almost won the US Tour Card in the 8th stop, and eventually ranked 32nd in the standings of the glorious international conventional season.Pilson Kudy later failed to get the US Tour Card in the Glorious International Finals, and was injured in the season.In 2023, he will return to the U.S. Tour Tour again.

Pilson Kudy was once the ranks of the first amateur world, winning the top competition Western Amateur Championship.When he finished his college career, he led Texas University to win the fourth NCAA victory, and it was the first time since Jordan Sipi led the team.

Pilson Kudy has a strong golf background.His grandfather Charles won the 1971 American Masters, and his father also played the University of Texas University on behalf of the University of Texas and played the Glorious International Tour.Parker Parker, Parker, also won the 2023 Guanghui International Tour because he won in the Canadian Tour in 2022.It is worth mentioning that he is also a member of the University of Texas this year.

“The two brothers seem to encourage each other and continue to succeed,” said John Fields, a university coach John Fields.

When they play professional golf, I believe that many knowledge can be dependent.What else is better than a Grand Slam champion?”What you have to do is trust yourself,” Charles remembered to one of the Kudy.In 2006, when Charles participated in the U.S. Masters for the last time, the grandson became a caddy in the three -shot hole competition.

The two brothers will continue to follow the pace of grandfather.

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