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10 -year -old citizen hit the double -color ball 18.92 million, never take the head to choose the number

On the evening of November 24th, the two -color ball game played the 2022135th prize. This period is the eleventh issue of the 1.2 billion yuan prize of the two -color ball this year.In the current period, the two -color ball red ball number is 09, 11, 13, 24, 28, 32, and the blue ball number is 6.In the current two -color ball, 12 bets, single injection bonuses of more than 6.96 million yuan. The first prize of the 12 bets falls 6 places: Shanxi 1 note, Jiangsu 3 bets, Zhejiang 1 bet, Anhui 4 bets, Guangdong 2 bet, Yunnan 1 note.Due to the current prize period, 8 of them and the first prize of the first prize, and the single injection bonus is more than 9.46 million yuan (including the prize prize of 2.5 million yuan).1 note, 2 bets in Jiangsu, 1 note of Zhejiang, 4 bets in Anhui.

In the current period, the first prize of Ji Zhongzhong, Jiangsu Province, was captured by two lottery people in Nanjing and Changzhou. Lucky Lottery from Changzhou used the betting method of 5 betting, and it took twice the number of times. It cost 20 yuan, of whichThe fourth note number is completely the same as the current winning number. The surprise rewarding the first prize of the first prize and the first prize special prize 2 bets, a total of more than 18.92 million yuan.The lucky site is Building 141-7, Yongning North Road, Tianning District, Changzhou City, No. 141-7, No. 106, No. 32040105 Fucai Betting Station.

I have always been attached to the two -color ball selection and finally got lucky

Changzhou Caimin Xiao Li has always been a loyal fan of dual -color ball games. He will not miss him in each issue. It is the 10th year of participating in betting.In this regard, Xiao Li himself was not proud. He felt that it was always his persistence that he could take home the gift of more than 18.92 million yuan in this prize.

According to Xiao Li, he has always been “brainless” when he participated in the lottery. He always believes that buying lottery tickets depends on a probability, and he can’t stop his luck. ThereforeSelected numbers, the period did not fall. Although he had won a small prize of 5 yuan and 10 yuan before, he was not discouraged and still participated every Wednesday.

I hope to try “Happy 8” to participate in the award -looking expectation

After learning about winning the prize, Xiao Li was very sinking. It was not until the work was not too busy, so I asked for leave. I drove to Nanjing.Miracle”.Although his mouth was light and light, Xiao Li couldn’t restrain his excitement and excitement.

After finishing the re -prize procedures, Xiao Li saw a “Happy 8” poster posted nearby, which reads “Happy Lottery 8, Wonderful You and Me, 36 million yuan to welcome the New Datong Award”.After checking the rules carefully, Xiao Li said that he had heard of “Happy 8” before, but he just looked at the number and he had never dared to try it.With the opportunity to welcomes the New Big Awards at the 36 million yuan, he was ready to go back and participated in the “Choose 9” gameplay. While “adding bricks” for public welfare, he hoped that the “Happy 8” game would make him continue to surprise.Blessed!

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