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077 is super god!Two explosives 95 points to make a three -pair score record for consecutive doubles

On December 30, Beijing time, the Dallas Lone Ranger team faced the Houston Rockets at home. In this game, Luca-Dongcic performed well, and finally led Lone Ranger to win the opponent 129-14.

In this campaign, Dongcic played 34 minutes, scored 35 points in 11 shots, plus 13 assists and 12 rebounds.

Statistics show that Dongcic scored a total of 95 points and 34 rebounds and 23 assists in the last two games. He became the player with the most consecutive scores in NBA history.

In addition, Dongcic scored+rebounds+assists in the last two games. The total number is 151. The total number is ranked third in history. The first two are Oscar Robertson.

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  1. Before the tenth in the west, a wave of five consecutive victories came up

  2. Without his data, relying on this group of pig team friends estimated to fight for the champion with the Rockets

  3. I am afraid that this intensity should be stopped again

  4. Dongge Fei MVP is not enough.

  5. Let my mouth brother defense is not what

  6. Where are you telling the truth?The bottom of the well?

  7. Do you tell the truth at the bottom of the well?

  8. Is it possible that the total number of three additions is 152 [DOGE]

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    ThestrongestTreyionthesurface 12月 31, 2022 at 3:00 上午

    His meaning should be that this kind of big nuclear nuclear regular season is easy to achieve good results. The playoffs are not easy to play because the teammates have sacrificed the teammates in the team. Unless he is super god, once it is not good, it will cool down.

  10. Are you literacy?Are you a silly fork

  11. To be honest, I think Harden data in the Rockets was much better than him.

  12. The record is not good?I suspect that you did n’t wear glasses

  13. Xiaobian, your math teacher is going to lift the coffin cover … 😂

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